Shadow Evocation

2nd-level illusion

Casting Time: See text

Range: See text

Components: V, S

Duration: See text

You create a quasi-real illusion made of shadow that duplicates the effect of an evocation cantrip or a 1st-level evocation spell also on your spell list. The duplicated spell has its normal casting time, range, and duration when cast this way.

Evocation spells that allow healing, whose effects are invisible (such as gust of wind, thunderwave, shatter, or wall of force), that rely on light (such as light, daylight, moonbeam, prismatic spray, sunbeam, or sunburst), or that use holy or unholy power (such as divine word or hallow) can’t be duplicated with this spell. A spell also can’t be duplicated if it creates a lasting manifestation and doesn’t require concentration or lasts after concentration ends (such as continual flame, contingency, forcecage, sending, telepathy, tiny hut, or wall of stone). In any case, only creatures can be affected by the shadow evocation, so a shadow resilient sphere would keep out neither energy nor objects.

Shadow evocation always deals psychic damage, but a creature that believes in the illusion also believes the damage to be of a type appropriate to the illusion.

Upon initially interacting with shadow evocation, such as being hit by its attack or included in its area, a creature is entitled to an Intelligence saving throw to recognize the spell’s illusory nature. A creature that fails the Intelligence saving throw acts as if the shadow evocation is real for its duration. A creature that succeeds on the Intelligence saving throw disbelieves the illusion and sees the evocation as wisps of shadow in the general shape or form you intended it to have. The disbelieving creature has advantage on saving throws against theshadow conjuration and also has resistance to any damage it deals, and the conjuration has disadvantage on attack rolls against the disbeliever.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you can cast an allowable evocation spell of one level lower than the slot level you use to cast the spell.

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