Ashen Memories

2nd-level divination (ritual)

Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous

You touch the ashes, embers, or soot left behind by a fire and receive a vision of one significant event that occurred in the area while the fire was burning. For example, if you were to touch the cold embers of a campfire, you might witness a snippet of a conversation that occurred around the fire. Similarly, touching the ashes of a burned letter might grant you a vision of the person who destroyed the letter or the contents of the letter. You have no control over what information the spell reveals, but your vision usually is tied to the most meaningful event related to the fire. The GM determines the details of what is revealed.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Deep Magic for 5th Edition (c) 2020 Open Design LLC; Authors: Dan Dillon, Chris Harris, and Jeff Lee.

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