Mindless Vengeance

1st-level transmutation (sorcerer, warlock, wizard)

Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when you take damage from a melee weapon attack

Range: Self

Components: V, S, M (a scale from a swolbold)

Duration: 1 round

You gain physical prowess in response to an attack at the cost of your mental faculties. Upon casting this spell, you drop whatever item you were holding in your primary hand. You can attack with an unarmed strike against the creature that damaged you with the instigating melee weapon attack (if it is in range) as part of the casting of this spell.

For the spell’s duration, your unarmed strike uses 2d4 for damage.

When attacking with an unarmed strike, you double your proficiency bonus on your attack roll and add your proficiency bonus on your damage roll.

Conversely, for the spell’s duration, you cannot cast spells, and you have disadvantage on Intelligence checks and Intelligence saving throws.

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