Time Jaunt

7th-level transmutation (temporal)

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self
Components: V
Duration: Special

When you cast this spell, you step outside the normal time stream, seeming to vanish as 1 round of time passes. You can make minor alterations to the scene being played out, becoming visible for an instant each time you make an adjustment that aids an ally or hinders foes. To everyone else, you disappear when the spell is cast, then flicker into and out of view during the next round, before reappearing for good in the space you vanished from 1 round later, whereupon the spell ends. You cannot be attacked by any means while under the effect of this spell.

As the round progresses, you can choose to bestow a single effect on each creature involved in the combat, choosing from the list below. You cannot take any other actions during the round.

  • Give a creature advantage or disadvantage on a saving throw it is about to make.
  • Give a creature advantage or disadvantage on an attack roll it is about to make.
  • Alter the location of a mobile object to provide or remove cover for a creature.
  • Shift objects into the path of a creature; the first 10 feet of terrain it must travel becomes difficult terrain.
  • After an attack roll is determined to be successful, adjust the angle of the strike or the positioning of the target, either causing the strike to deal half as much damage or providing a bonus to damage equal to half your level.
Example of Combat

An adventuring party encounters four trolls in their lair. Initiative is rolled, and the order is fighter 20, cleric 15, rogue 14, trolls 12, wizard 10. Events unfold in this way:

Fighter draws sword and attacks troll #1.

Cleric casts time jaunt and disappears.

Rogue fires an arrow at troll #2. Cleric yanks the troll’s arm, turning it broadside for a better target and giving the rogue advantage on the attack roll. The attack hits.

Troll #1 swings at the fighter. Cleric gives the fighter’s shield a nudge to raise it just a little faster. Troll has disadvantage on the attack roll and misses.

Troll #2 throws a spear at the rogue. Cleric flips a table over between the rogue and the troll, giving the rogue cover against the attack. Attack roll is still high enough to hit.

Troll #3 charges the fighter. Cleric tips over an open barrel of pickled herring, strewing the contents across the floor and making the first 10 feet in the troll’s path difficult terrain. As a result, troll #3 does not have enough movement to reach the fighter on its turn.

Troll #4 moves and attacks the fighter, scoring a hit.

Cleric pulls on the troll’s weapon arm so the strike is a glancing one rather than a direct hit, and the attack deals half as much damage.

Wizard casts grease on the area where trolls #1 and #4 are standing. Cleric gives each a swift kick to the back of the knee. Trolls have disadvantage on their Dexterity saving throws, fail their saves, and fall prone.

Fighter stabs at troll #1, scoring a hit. Cleric gives the troll’s arm a yank, moving it just enough that the fighter hits the monster’s chest rather than its shoulder, providing the fighter a bonus of +7 (half the cleric’s level) on the attack’s damage.

Cleric pops back into view, occupying the space where time jaunt was cast, then takes the next turn in round 2 as normal.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Deep Magic for 5th Edition (c) 2020 Open Design LLC; Authors: Dan Dillon, Chris Harris, and Jeff Lee.

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