Call Servitor of the Outer Gods

2nd-level conjuration (formula)

Casting Time: 20 hours (5 phases of 4 hours when cast as a formula)

Range: 30 feet

Components: V, S, M (a text copy of this spell, a wind instrument, fresh blood from 8 Medium or 2 Large creatures, which the spell consumes), SC (2 to 9, chanting from text; +1 bonus on formula ability checks per 3)

Formula Ability Checks: Intelligence (Religion) or Wisdom (Yog-Sothothery) DC 15, Charisma with a wind instrument or Wisdom (Yog-Sothothery) DC 15, Intelligence (Arcana) or Wisdom (Yog-Sothothery) DC 15

Formula Backlash: 2d4 psychic damage to primary caster and 2 psychic damage to each secondary caster

Formula Failure: Magically frightened for 2 days and one level of exhaustion

Duration: Instantaneous

A servitor of the outer gods appears at the center of the circle. Roll initiative for the servitor, which has its own turns.

Sometimes, it may be the creature’s goal to parley and offer knowledge to the casters, and at other times its primary desire is to summon a Great Old One or other horrendously destructive entity beyond the caster’s control.

Convincing a servitor to assist you in exchange for furthering its goals generally requires a successful DC 13 Charisma (Intimidation or Persuasion) or Wisdom (Yog-Sothothery) check. Tricking it into giving you information when you are not willing to further its goals generally requires a successful DC 18 Charisma (Deception) or Wisdom (Yog-Sothothery) check. Other checks might be required at the GM’s discretion. Servitors never agree to engage in dangerous tasks except to defend the chosen servants of the Outer Gods.

Tomes containing this spell occasionally recommend not casting it under conditions suitable for conjuring any other entities, since most servitors have the magical knowledge to conjure nearly any creature they desire after they arrive if conditions are right.

This spell’s casting time can be shortened, to a minimum of 1 hour, by sacrificing spell slots. Any caster involved can sacrifice a slot this way at any point during the casting as part of the action to continue casting the spell, but the caster must have prepared (or know, if the caster doesn’t prepare spells) a conjuration spell of at least the level of the spell slot to be sacrificed. Each spell slot sacrificed reduces the casting time by 1 hour per level of the slot so used.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th or 6th level, you can call two servitors. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th or 8th level, you can call three servitors. When you cast this spell with a 9th-level spell slot, you can call four servitors. Ability checks to influence multiple servitors (see above) have disadvantage.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos, © 2018, Petersen Games; Authors: Sandy Petersen, David N. Ross, James Jacobs, Arthur Petersen, Ian Starcher.

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