Elf Dance

8th-level enchantment

[Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer]
Casting Time 1 minute
Range 60-foot radius centered on a point within 100 feet
Components V, S
Duration 6 days

In order to cast this spell, you must be an elf. You lace the very air in the affected area with enchantment, which compels those who enter the area to dance and revel endlessly with no thought to other matters. A creature entering the area that fails a Wisdom saving throw is compelled to dance, frolic, and otherwise revel within the spell’s area.

Each day, the creature receives a new saving throw to end the effect.

Creatures require no food, drink, or sleep while under the spell’s effects, nor do they gain any of the benefits of rest (such as regaining lost hit points or spell slots). They will defend themselves if attacked, but they can take no actions except to continue the dance, and they will not willfully leave the spell’s area for any reason. If a creature is forcefully removed from the spell’s area the effect immediately ends, but the creature receives one level of exhaustion for each day it spent in the dance. A creature that spends a full six days under the spell’s effects drops dead when the spell ends.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Wardens of the Wild. Copyright, 2015 Total Party Kill Games. Author(s): PJ Harn and Brian Berg.

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