Summon Woodland Mount

3rd-level conjuration

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Range: see below

Saving Throw: Wisdom

Components: V, S, M, DF

Duration: 8 hours

You summon a beast (animal) of up to Challenge 1 that is one size larger than you.

The animal arrives in 1d6 rounds. The creature is friendly towards you and will follow your commands, even engaging in combat.

The caster is able to immediately mount and ride the creature without use of any type of harness and the caster will not fall off it under normal conditions. The caster can be forcibly dismounted in combat, however, as normal. The summoned creature instinctively knows the caster’s basic desire, where they want to go and the fastest or must desired route to follow.

When the spell ends, the creature departs without incident.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

5th Edition Players Guide to Airhde, 1st Printing, Copyright 2019, Troll Lord Games; Author Jason Vey & Stephen Chenault

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