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Content Source: 250 Magic Items For Fighters and Rogues

250 Magic Items For Fighters and Rogues. Copyright 2021 MageGate Games Inc. Author: Baba Azizi Tucker & Jackson Dean Chase

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Name Type Source
Adventurer’s Ring magicitem
Alchemist’s Assistant magicitem
Ambition of the East Armor (Set) magicitem
Ambition of the East Sword (Set) magicitem
Ambition of the North Armor (Set) magicitem
Ambition of the North Sword (Set) magicitem
Ambition of the South Armor (Set) magicitem
Ambition of the South Sword (Set) magicitem
Ambition of the West Armor (Set) magicitem
Ambition of the West Sword (Set) magicitem
Amulet of the Adventurer magicitem
Amulet of the Blade magicitem
Amulet of the Builder magicitem
Amulet of the Fisherman magicitem
Amulet of the Haunted Hand magicitem
Amulet of the Outlaw magicitem
Amulet of the Stalwart magicitem
Amulet of the Wanderer magicitem
Animal’s Drum magicitem
Anvilbreaker magicitem
Armor of the Gates magicitem
Arrow of Anguish magicitem
Arrow of Fire magicitem
Arrow of Foul Rot magicitem
Arrow of Frost magicitem
Arrow of Lightning magicitem
Arsonist’s Dream magicitem
Assassin’s Ring magicitem
Axe of Disemboweling magicitem
Backpack of Plenty magicitem
Bag of Adventurous Luxury magicitem
Bag of Boiling Caltrops magicitem
Bag of Burning Caltrops magicitem
Bag of Freezing Caltrops magicitem
Bag of Lightning Caltrops magicitem
Bag of Necrotic Caltrops magicitem
Bag of Poison Caltrops magicitem
Bag of Radiant Caltrops magicitem
Bag of Silver Caltrops magicitem
Bag of Thunder Caltrops magicitem
Bandit’s Ring magicitem
Barnacle-Covered Shield magicitem
Barricade Bow magicitem
Bat-Fang Crossbow magicitem
Behemoth’s Claw (Set) magicitem
Behemoth’s heart (Set) magicitem
Belt of Steelskin magicitem
Belt of Success magicitem
Belt of the Flesh-Raker magicitem
Belt of the Summoned Lord magicitem
Black Mist Cloak magicitem
Black-Barbed Shield magicitem
Blade of the Backstabber magicitem
Blood-Blade Dagger magicitem
Bloodletter magicitem
Bloody Dagger magicitem
Bodyguard’s Ring magicitem
Bolt of Black Ice magicitem
Bolt of Blinding Fire magicitem
Bolt of Boiling Acid magicitem
Bolt of Laming magicitem
Bolt of Pouring Poison magicitem
Bone Cage magicitem
Bone Shield magicitem
Boomerang Blade magicitem
Boots of Banditry magicitem
Boots of Battle magicitem
Boots of Free-Falling magicitem
Boots of Freedom magicitem
Boots of Golden Luck magicitem
Boots of Silvered Luck magicitem
Boots of the Long March magicitem
Boots of the Stonecaster magicitem
Bracers of the Ghost-Fist magicitem
Brawler’s Breath Amulet (Set) magicitem
Brawler’s Breath Ring (Set) magicitem
Brute’s Bow magicitem
Burglar’s Cloak (Set) magicitem
Burglar’s hook (Set) magicitem
Bustler’s Cloak magicitem
Cat Tail Armor magicitem
Chaos Blade magicitem
Chaos Hammer magicitem
Chimera’s Reprisal magicitem
Choker of Sidestepping magicitem
Cloak of Heroic Action magicitem
Cloak of Heroic Ambition magicitem
Cloak of Heroic Endurance magicitem
Coated Quiver of Cold Death magicitem
Coated quiver of Fiery Doom magicitem
Comet Boots magicitem
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