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Content Source: 5E Foes: Infernal Bestiary

5E Foes: Infernal Bestiary. Copyright 2019, Mal and Tal Enterprises, LLC; Author Michael J. Tresca

35 Records Found

Name Type Source
Avarite, Cubis Malforma creature
Avarite, Decalith creature
Avarite, Malforma (Cubis) creature
Avarite, Malforma (Pyramis) creature
Avarite, Malforma (Spheris) creature
Avarite, Pyramis Malforma creature
Avarite, Skitterskull creature
Avarite, Skullwing creature
Avarite, Spheris Malforma creature
Avarite, Tocsin creature
Cocytite, Tunnel Wretch creature
Golite, Kandor (Greater) creature
Golite, Kandor (Lesser) creature
Golite, Kunekune creature
Golite, Muckipede creature
Golite, Muckslug creature
Golite, Swine creature
Limbite, Fey Noble creature
Malebolgite, Akateko creature
Malebolgite, Amphisbaena creature
Malebolgite, Buoso creature
Malebolgite, Cenchrus creature
Malebolgite, Chelydrus creature
Malebolgite, Jaculi creature
Malebolgite, Pharea creature
Malebolgite, Warai creature
Muckslug creature
Oublieshape creature
Phlegethite Earl, Thammuz creature
Phlegethite Margrave, Isis creature
Phlegethite Margrave, Osiris creature
Phlegethite, Katari (Greater) creature
Phlegethite, Katari (Lesser) creature
Seelie Limbite Template (CR +1) template
Unseelie Limbite Template (CR +1) template
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