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Name Type Source
Abbsins Pliable Tail feat
Absorb Jewel feat
Ahool creature
Ahool Senses feat
Ahooling race
Ahooling Flight feat
Alien Wisdom feat
Anghenfil creature
Arachnid Athletics feat
Avoral creature
Cetaceal creature
Colliatur race
Complex Hazards page
Dødelig race
Draaki race
Draconal creature
Drow race
Dvergr race
Dweorg race
Evolved Crystal Conductivity feat
Funglet race
Gitwerc race
Gøgelid creature
Golem, Mushroom creature
Hondra creature
Hoyrall race
Kraidyl race
Leonal creature
Light & Darkness page
Miner page
Momentum page
Phoso creature
Rakasa Batu creature
Slaver of the Damned classoption
Spelunking page
Svirfneblin race
Vestraadi race
Zwerc race
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