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Content Source: Aegis of Empires Adventure Path

Aegis of Empires Adventure Path © 2021, Legendary Games; Authors: Greg A. Vaughan, Matt Goodall, Steve Helt, Tom Knauss, Anthony Pryor, Alistair J. Rigg, and Jeffrey Swank; based on original material by Greg A. Vaughan.

30 Records Found

Name Type Source
Allip creature
Amoeba Swarm creature
Amoeba, Giant creature
Aranea creature
Baykok creature
Catoblepas creature
Dark Matter Entropic Ooze creature
Dragon, Forest (Adult) creature
Ecorche creature
Elemental, Obsidian creature
Fire Phantom creature
Flytrap, Giant creature
Gargoyle, Four-Armed (Legendary Games) creature
Gargoyle, Green Guardian (Legendary Games) creature
Gargoyle, Margoyle creature
Ghaggurath creature
Ghole creature
Ghoul, Cinder creature
Giant, Ash creature
Golem, Lead creature
Golem, Ossuary creature
Gorthek creature
Hangman Tree creature
Immortal Ichor creature
Leng Spider creature
Mothman creature
Scarlet Walker creature
Shadow Roper, Amphibious creature
Shadow, Blast creature
Specter, Advanced creature
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