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Content Source: Amazons Vs Valkyries: Bloodline Feats

Amazons Vs Valkyries: Bloodline Feats, © 2020, Bloodstone Press; Author: L.J. Ogre

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Name Type Source
Adventuring Companion feat
Arcane Smite feat
Beast Companion feat
Beast Trainer feat
Blocking Expertise feat
Bodyguard feat
Brawling feat
Breaker feat
Brilliant Mind feat
Brutal Pugilist feat
Charming Smile feat
Cleave feat
Cold Born feat
Combat Expertise feat
Demoralizing Strike feat
Diehard feat
Divine Health feat
Endurance feat
Evasion feat
Extra Fighting Style feat
Favored of the Gods feat
Fleet-Footed feat
Foil Scrutiny feat
Fortuitous feat
Grappling Expertise feat
Great Fortitude feat
Great Strength feat
Great Weapon Expertise feat
Greater Wind Magic feat
Healing Hands feat
Herbal Healer feat
Heroic Defiance feat
Heroic Surge feat
Highly Skilled feat
Ignore Pain feat
Improved Beast Companion feat
Inherited Madness feat
Inspiring Leadership feat
Iron Will feat
Ironskin feat
Lightning Reflexes feat
Linguistics Expert feat
Load Bearing feat
Magic Resistance feat
Magical Aptitude feat
Major Magic feat
Master Craftswoman feat
Master of Magics feat
Master Physician feat
Minor Magic feat
Mobility feat
Mounted Warrior feat
Natural Armor feat
Parrying Style feat
Parting Shot feat
Persuasive feat
Point-Blank Shot feat
Power Attack feat
Prescience feat
Raging Strength feat
Raging Vitality feat
Rousing Performance feat
Savage Warrior feat
Scrying Adept feat
Shield Ally feat
Shield Assault feat
Shield Expertise feat
Skill Focus feat
Social Proficiency feat
Soul Power feat
Spell Endurance feat
Spirited Charge feat
Stealthy feat
Strength Surge feat
Strong Personality feat
Survivor feat
Tactical Commander feat
Taunt feat
Thespian feat
Toughness feat
Two-Weapon Fighter feat
Uncanny Dodge feat
Unusual Anatomy feat
War Child feat
Warped Mind feat
Wind Magic feat
Wrath of Achilles feat
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