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Content Source: Archetypes of the Age: Dragons

Archetypes of the Age: Dragons © 2022, Beyond the Horizon; Author: Beth Jones

18 Records Found

Name Type Source
Brass Dragon classoption
Bronze Dragon classoption
Circle of the Hoard classoption
College of Transformation classoption
Copper Dragon classoption
Dragon’s Eye magicitem
Elemental Belch spell
Fits and Giggles spell
Gloves of the Wyrm magicitem
Gold Dragon classoption
Helm of the Tactician magicitem
Necklace of Conversation magicitem
Silver Dragon classoption
Silverscale Belt magicitem
Spelunker’s Ring magicitem
Treasure Hunter classoption
Wyrm Domain classoption
Wyrm’s Tooth magicitem
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