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Content Source: Art of Might: Artful Dodgers

Art of Might: Artful Dodgers © 2022, d20fsrd.com Publishing; Author: Ed Kabar

49 Records Found

Name Type Source
Art of Surprise feat
Artful Dodger classoption
Aversion spell
Background Knowledge feat
Backup Plan spell
Cardshark classoption
Competence spell
Crime Boss classoption
Dandy classoption
Death Proof spell
Delver classoption
Distraction spell
Divine Thief classoption
Expert feat
Ferret Slippers magicitem
Final Blow feat
Foggy Mind spell
Forgiving Locket magicitem
Full Fury spell
Good Help spell
Hindsight spell
In and Out feat
Instant Lessons spell
Jack of All Trades classoption
Knife Work feat
Lucky Leather Armor magicitem
Mechanical Heron magicitem
Mechanical Rogue magicitem
Mentor spell
Mislead spell
Mosquito Knives magicitem
Nightcrawler classoption
Obscure spell
Observant feat
Perfect Forgery spell
Pickpocket classoption
Pocket Blind magicitem
Probability Powder magicitem
Rat King classoption
Receiving spell
Rewind and Redo spell
Rogue’s Bane magicitem
Saint Dawkins’ Safe Passage spell
Shadow Stride spell
Snicker-Snack feat
Sudden Stealth feat
Twin Minds spell
Worldly feat
Zephyr Gloves magicitem
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