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Content Source: At the Shrine of Othrys

“At the Shrine of Othrys” Copyright 2021 Skirmisher Publishing LLC.

33 Records Found

Name Type Source
Alchemical Laboratory Assistant creature
Alchemical Protolich creature
Animated Bronze Statue “Mephit” creature
Animated Terra Cotta Statue creature
Ash Mephit creature
Ash Mephit Remnant creature
Cult Acolyte creature
Cult Thaumaturge creature
Dust Mephit creature
Dust Mephit Corpseraiser creature
Ice Mephit creature
Ice Mephit Frostbiter creature
Lightning Mephit creature
Lightning Mephit Stormrider creature
Magma Mephit creature
Magma Mephit Destroyer creature
Mephit, Lightning creature
Mephit, Lightning (Stormrider) creature
Mineral Mephit creature
Mineral Mephit Petrifier creature
Muck Mephit creature
Muck Mephit Oozer creature
Ophiolite creature
Radiance Mephit creature
Radiance Mephit Scorcher creature
Radiant Steam Mephit creature
Salt Mephit creature
Salt Mephit Desiccator creature
Soot Mephit creature
Soot Mephit Deceiver creature
Undead Black Dragon Wyrmling creature
Vacuum Mephit creature
Vacuum Mephit Annihilator creature
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