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Content Source: Battlemasters & Berserkers 5e

Battlemasters & Berserkers © 2021, Legendary Games; Author Darrin Drader.

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Name Type Source
Adder Strike feat
Back to Back feat
Betrayer feat
Body Shield feat
Broken Wing Gambit feat
Cartwheel Dodge feat
Chainmaster classoption
Charging Hurler feat
Cleaving Finish feat
Clustered Shots feat
Deadly Finish feat
Death from Above feat
Deceptive Exchange feat
Defensive Weapon Training feat
Desert Nomad background
Disengaging Flourish feat
Drag Down feat
Elemental Blade classoption
False Opening feat
Feint Partner feat
Find Weakness feat
Fortified Armor Training feat
Guardian classoption
Hammer the Gap feat
Hated Enemy feat
Hated Supremacy feat
Hero’s Display feat
High Plains Drifter background
Hillfolk background
Military Society background
Moonlight Stalker feat
Opening Volley feat
Path of Primal Fury classoption
Path of the Arcanagoth classoption
Path of the Ballistic Barbarian classoption
Path of the Beastlord classoption
Path of the Destroyer classoption
Path of the Plains Runner classoption
Path of the Spirit Warrior classoption
Path of the Warlord classoption
Pin Down feat
Prone Shooter feat
Raider background
Samurai background
Sea Legs feat
Sea Reaver background
Seize the Moment feat
Shake It Off feat
Soulknife classoption
Stealth Synergy feat
Toss Enemy feat
Vengeance Quest feat
Voyager background
Wield Anything feat
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