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Content Source: Book of Ebon Tides

Book of Ebon Tides © 2022 Open Design LLC; Authors: Wolfgang Baur, Celeste Conowitch.

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Name Type Source
Arduous Shuffle spell
Armor of the Black River magicitem
Armor of the White Rose magicitem
Bane of Excellence spell
Bearfolk Druid creature
Bearfolk Thunderstomper creature
Bearskin Cloak magicitem
Birch Siren creature
Blunted Blade spell
Boots of Dancing magicitem
Boots of Shadow Walking magicitem
Bright Sparks spell
Charnel Banquet spell
Child of Light and Darkness spell
Circle of Shadows (Druid) classoption
Cloak of Splendor magicitem
Cloak of the Raven magicitem
College of Shadow (Bard) classoption
Conjure Ferryman spell
Conjure Giant spell
Curse of Incompetence spell
Darakhul General creature
Deep Roots of the Moon spell
Doom of False Friends spell
Doom of Poor Fortune spell
Doom of Stacked Stones spell
Doom of Summer Years spell
Drizzle spell
Earrings of Eclipse magicitem
Ebon Tide spell
Ebony Beetle Armor magicitem
Elf Shot spell
Emerald Goblet spell
Emerald Goblet magicitem
Faerie Toast spell
Feast of Flesh spell
Fey Portal spell
Fire Dance spell
Fireflies spell
Flowering spell
Ghost Armor magicitem
Giant, River creature
Gloaming spell
Gloves of the Walking Shade magicitem
Glowstone Helmet magicitem
Gnomish Distiller creature
Grim Harvest spell
Grim Shadows spell
Hero of Fable spell
Hibernation spell
Interminable Yarn spell
Irritating Kazoo spell
Keeper Domain (Cleric) classoption
Keeper of Hounds creature
Keeper of Ravens creature
Knife of Fate spell
Knight of Shadows creature
Light Weaver Sorcerous Origin (Sorcerer) classoption
Lost spell
Lost and Wandering spell
Lunar Devil, Lesser creature
Lunar Elf race
Lunar Transfer spell
Maggot spell
Mark of Fate spell
Memory Thief creature
Midnight Armor magicitem
Molefolk creature
Moonbeam Chain Mail magicitem
Moonlight Sending spell
Moonshadow Catcher creature
Mother of Sorrows (Warlock) classoption
Obfuscate Object spell
Ominous Winds spell
Polychromatic Bubble spell
Pratfall spell
Quickstep race
Radiant Beacon spell
River Spirit creature
Rose Golem creature
Rot spell
Rupture spell
Sable Elf creature
Sable Elf race
Sable Elf Hierophant creature
Sealskin Cloak magicitem
Shadow Adaptation spell
Shadow Arcane Tradition (Wizard) classoption
Shadow Domain (Cleric) classoption
Shadow Fey race
Shadow Fey Bandit creature
Shadow Gnawer (Barbarian) classoption
Shadow Goblin race
Shadow Goblin Chieftain creature
Shadow Goblin Scribe creature
Shadow Portal spell
Shadowspider Swarm creature
Spider Song spell
Spiritfarer Erina race
Storm Door spell
Stygian Shade race
Styx Boots magicitem
Sublime Ravenfolk race
Trickster’s Boots magicitem
Ugly Duckling spell
Umbral Binder (Rogue) classoption
Umbral Human race
Umbral Tailor creature
Unbound Satarre race
Wandering Pond creature
Way of the Prophet (Monk) classoption
Whispering Cloak magicitem
Wolfskin Cloak magicitem
Wyrd Gnome race
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