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Content Source: Book of Exalted Darkness

Book of Exalted Darkness. © 2018 Mike Myler, published under license by Legendary Games.

28 Records Found

Name Type Source
Angelus Template (CR +1) template
Arsonist background
Cacodaemon creature
Cambion (Half-Fiend) creature
Cambion (Half-Fiend) Template (CR +?) template
Caskette creature
Celestial Template (CR +2) template
Corrupted Pneumavore creature
Crazed Simulacrum creature
Cursed Blood background
Cyberphrenic Tadpole creature
Deviant background
Dissectrinator creature
Divirulent Hound creature
Foolish Spelunker background
Heresy Bot (CR +1) template
Hexed background
Inaequa Technician background
Mana-Wasted Mutant Template (CR +1) template
Murderer background
Perfidiosus Priest creature
Purpura creature
Rodent Queen creature
Silent Knight creature
Thief background
Traitor spell
Unholy Witness spell
Vilespawn Template (CR +1) template
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