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Content Source: Book of Monstrous Might

Book of Monstrous Might (C) 2021 Total Party Kill Games. Author(s): Brian Berg, Mark A. Hart & Danny Grimes.

131 Records Found

Name Type Source
Aerial Guardian feat
Ant, Iron creature
Bat, Dusk creature
Battleborn Swiftness feat
Beetle, Assassin creature
Beguiler creature
Beware The Tail feat
Bits and Pieces feat
Blessings of The Moon Goddess feat
Blood Frenzy feat
Born of Shadow and Light feat
Brain Gorger creature
Briarborn race
Camazotz creature
Caribe, Flying Razorfish Swarm creature
Cerebrogenerate feat
Ceremorphosis feat
Chatterbox creature
Cheetah, Dire creature
Clurichaun creature
Conjure Rock spell
Cornered Fury feat
Dark Heart Warlock Patron classoption
Demolisher feat
Dragon, Magma (Adult) creature
Draw Forth The Life feat
Dread Devourer creature
Dream Wasp Swarm creature
Dream Wasp, Drone creature
Dream Wasp, Queen creature
Elemental Affinity feat
Elemental Shroud spell
Elf, Umbral race
Elfling race
Enhanced Rock Throwing feat
Enhanced Wishes feat
Eostrix race
Fey Magic feat
Fiendish Resilience feat
Fight Against Good feat
Flame-Tested feat
Flanking Confounder feat
Flowing Wave feat
Font of The Furnace feat
Fox Form feat
Fox in The Henhouse feat
Fundamental Attitude feat
Furious Chaos feat
Geniekin race
Gifted Metallurgist feat
Gnome, Lava race
Golem, Infestation creature
Golem, Silhouette creature
Grat’Tal race
Greater Grotesque feat
Grotesque Gaze feat
Half-Djinn creature
Half-Dwarf race
Half-Giant race
Hard-Headed feat
Harpy’s Song feat
Healing Thoughts feat
Hell Raisin’ feat
Infuriating Presence feat
Iron Ant Swarm creature
Ironguts feat
Kitsune race
Komodokin race
Life Transfer spell
Liquid Tolerance feat
Maghra race
Magical Tail feat
Manticore Divebomber creature
Mechanasphere creature
Mimic, Rust creature
Mirror Eyes feat
Misdirecting Ricochet feat
Monsters Spending Hit Dice for Special Effects Base Rules page
Monstrous Player Races page
Mortiss race
Mycelium Transport feat
Mycelium Web Access feat
Myconaut race
Oaken Fortification feat
Ogre race
On Pain of Death feat
Oracular Whispers feat
Photosynthetic Healing feat
Psionic Tracker feat
Punish Weakness feat
Quickling Ancestry feat
Rakshasan race
Recovery Dice Options page
Reserved and Insular feat
Restful Vigilance feat
Root and Branch feat
Ruanoch race
Runecarved Horns feat
Sand Shark creature
Scion of Stone feat
Scion of Stone feat
Secrets of Irox feat
Severed Strike feat
Shadow Power feat
Shifting Verity feat
Spending Hit Dice Effects By Individual Creature page
Stirge, Dire creature
Superior Wish feat
Taste of Death feat
Titan Tree creature
Tool’s Folly feat
Toxin Tolerance feat
Troll, Desert creature
True Disguise feat
Underfoot feat
Vegemen Commoner creature
Vegemen Spellcaster creature
Verivore, Faithkeeper creature
Verivore, Lieweaver creature
Verivore, Trutheater creature
Verivore, Willseeker creature
Vicious Claws creature
Vicious Claws feat
Vicious in Victory feat
Voidhatcher creature
Vow of Stamina feat
Werebear Sailor creature
Werewolf Sailor creature
Winged Flight feat
Wishful Thinking feat
Wyrwood creature
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