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Content Source: Breath of Life: The Lathspell (5e)

Breath of Life: The Lathspell (5e), © 2023, Orphaned Bookworm Productions, LLC, Authors: Connor Bates and Norman Mitchell Jr.

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Name Type Source
Armor of Bones magicitem
Bestow Curse spell ,
Boneblade Chance spell
Chance spell
Conjure Abyssal Parasite spell
Curse of Altered Perception classoption
Curse of Death classoption
Curse of Entropy classoption
Curse of Martyrdom classoption
Curse of Misfortune classoption
Curse of Mutable Form classoption
Curse of Pain classoption
Curse of Phantom Putrescence spell
Curse of Violence classoption
Curse Weaver (Fighter Martial Archetype) classoption
Cursebearing Weapon magicitem
Cursed Blade spell
Deathmark Gauntlets magicitem
Dire Cursebearing Weapon magicitem
Doomhound spell
Foe Hunter Domain (Cleric Domain) classoption
Hellfire Cloak magicitem
Hexbearing Weapon magicitem
Keen Edge spell
Lathspell class
Lesser Curse spell
Long Arm spell
Masochism/Sadism spell
Minor Disguise spell
Oath of Divine Retribution (Paladin Oath) classoption
Painwrack spell
Pendant of Proof Against Curses magicitem
Rage spell
Ravenwight spell
Ray of Rupturing spell
Rotting Curse spell
Shared Pain spell
Silvermist Armor magicitem
Snakeskin Corset magicitem
Terrible Remorse spell
Touch of Fatigue spell
Vampiric Armor magicitem
Vexer (Vanguard Archetype) classoption
Waves of Sickness spell
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