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Content Source: Capes and Crooks

Capes and Crooks, Copyright 2021, Crit Academy Studios Capes and Crooks. © 2020 Crit Academy Studios; Author: Justin Handlin

35 Records Found

Name Type Source
Android Origin background
Beastman Origin background
Bright Bomber creature
Brute creature
Brute, Strong creature
Carnivorous Plant creature
Chimera creature
Codfather creature
Drt All Terrain Sentinel creature
Drt Trooper creature
Experiment Origin background
Freak Accident Origin background
Gangster creature
Genius Origin background
Hydra creature
Inherited Origin background
Inhuman Origin background
Jumper, Strong creature
Jumper, Weak creature
Minotaur creature
Mummy creature
Mutant Origin background
Psychic, Weak creature
Pyromancer, Strong creature
Pyromancer, Weak creature
Robber creature
Sandstorm creature
Saurian creature
Sentry Drone creature
Shapeshifter Spy, Snitch creature
Spiderbot creature
Tactical Sniper creature
Thug creature
Training Origin background
Undead Origin background
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