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Name Type Source
Aberrant race
Circle of Bones classoption
Circle of Consuming flames classoption
Circle of Pestilence classoption
College of Banshee/Siren classoption
College of Revelry classoption
College of Woe classoption
Corpse Knight classoption
Dark Arts Militant classoption
Dark Templar classoption
Devour classoption
Essence of the Flame creature
Fallen Angel race
Fiendish Trickster classoption
Forsaken Hunter classoption
Gore Gladiator classoption
Mortal Reaper classoption
Oath of Tyranny classoption
Oath of Undoing classoption
Path of Fiendish Rage classoption
Path of the Deviator classoption
Rampage classoption
Remnant race
Scourge of the Seas classoption
Shade classoption
Shadowkin race
Soul Stealer classoption
Tentacle Blade classoption
Way of Ooze classoption
Way of Pain classoption
Way of the Skin classoption
Way of the Void classoption
Wicked Fighter classoption
Witch class
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