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Content Source: Creatures: Netherworld Kickstarter Monsters Preview

Creatures: Netherworld Kickstarter Monsters Preview Copyright © 2022 Agate RPG Authors Joëlle ‘Iris’ Deschamp and Nelyhann

20 Records Found

Name Type Source
Amarashi creature
Angel Armor magicitem
Armor of Intervention magicitem
Armor of the Zealot magicitem
Black Armor of the Inquisition magicitem
Chaceklain, Adult creature
Chaceklain, Young creature
Chuul Tyrant creature
Dipulve, Corporeal Assassin creature
Dipulve, Corporeal Scout creature
Dipulve, Incorporeal Assassin creature
Dipulve, Incorporeal Scout creature
Duergar Sciencraft feat
Flying Clione creature
Master of Fate feat
Master of Illusions feat
Potion of Fake Death magicitem
Potion of Gentle Repose magicitem
Swarm of Flying Cliones creature
The Gardener creature
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