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Content Source: Deep Magic Volume 2

Deep Magic Volume 2 ©2023 Open Design Llc; Authors: Celeste Conowitch and Jon Sawatsky.

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Name Type Source
Aegis of Honor spell
Afflict Line spell
Ambusher’s Regret spell
Amplify Sound spell
Ancient Dragon Mage npc
Anneal spell
Antlion Trap spell
Apparition’s Invitation spell
Aqueous Arena spell
Arcane Sparkler spell
Archdruid npc
Arduous Shuffle spell
Armor of Glass spell
Arrow Door spell
Arrow of Ash spell
Ashen Lashes spell
Aura of Entropy spell
Aura of Filth spell
Axe of the Evocator magicitem
Azalea Skin spell
Baba’s Pincushion spell
Bane of Excellence spell
Bard npc
Bard Maestro npc
Bark Bulwark spell
Bearing Barrage spell
Beast Essence spell
Become Nightwing spell
Bedazzling Charm spell
Biting Armor spell
Bitter Wind spell
Black Hand spell
Black Hole spell
Black Ribbons spell
Black Well spell
Blade of Blood and Bone spell
Blade of the Battle Seer magicitem
Blood Diamonds spell ,
Blood Purge spell
Blood Shards spell
Bloom spell
Blunted Blade spell
Bolster Dead spell
Bombard spell
Bone of Contention spell
Bouncing Fireball spell
Break It Down spell
Breath of Separation spell
Breeze Walker spell
Brilliant Harrier spell
Brimstone spell
Broken Charge spell
Bubble Barrier spell
Buffeting Wings spell
Bullying Brogue spell
Burst of Pollen spell
Burst Organs spell
Bury the Dead spell
Busy Bee spell
By the Light of the Moon spell
By the Light of the Watchful Moon spell
Cadaverous Uprising spell
Call Shadow Mastiff spell
Caustic Waste spell
Celebration spell
Chains of Justice spell
Chamber of Restoring Amber spell
Chaotic Contrition spell
Chaotic Flowerfall spell
Chariot spell
Charm of Great Fondness spell
Charm of Long Standing spell
Charnel Banquet spell
Chorus of Thunder spell
Chrysalis spell
Circle of Scavengers classoption
Circle of Spirits classoption
Claw Guard spell
Claws of Darkness spell
Clearing The Field spell
Clinging Shadow spell
Cloak of Shadow spell
Cloak of Vermin spell
College of Cuisine classoption
College of Festivals classoption
College of Fortune classoption
Combust The Dead spell
Cometborn background
Compel Mercy spell
Concentration Smash spell
Concussive Punch spell
Conductive Vapors spell
Confound Senses spell
Conjure Ferryman spell
Conjure Giant spell
Conjure Rats spell
Conjure Shadow Titan spell
Conjure Spellhound spell
Conjure Thicket spell
Conjure Vermin spell
Contagious Healing spell
Contingency Boils spell
Court The Flame spell
Create Graveyard Dragon spell
Create Plague Zombie spell
Creeping Darkness spell
Critical Exchange spell
Cry of The Dragon God spell
Curio Collector background
Curse of Incompetence spell
Curse of Sustentation spell
Customizing Spells page
Daisy Regrowth spell
Damage Echo spell
Dance of The Fey spell
Dark Dementing spell
Dark Path spell
Darkbolt spell
Darkness Domain classoption
Dash of The Sentinel spell
Dead Man Walking spell
Death Toll spell
Death’s Retribution spell
Defile Healing spell
Deflection spell
Dehydration spell
Desolation spell
Detect Secrets spell
Detect Shapechanger spell
Detonate Corpses spell
Dimensional Rending spell
Dimensional Shove spell
Discord spell
Disrupting Orb spell
Diversion Door spell
Dome of Spectral Blows spell
Doom Domain classoption
Doom of Abeyant Time spell
Doom of Antiquity spell
Doom of Blue Crystal spell
Doom of Consuming Fire spell
Doom of Dancing Blades spell
Doom of Destiny spell
Doom of Destiny spell
Doom of Disenchantment spell
Doom of False Friends spell
Doom of Fools spell
Doom of Fools spell
Doom of Laughter spell
Doom of Laughter spell
Doom of Night spell
Doom of Night spell
Doom of Poor Fortune spell
Doom of Serpent Coils spell
Doom of Stacked Stones spell
Doom of The Black River spell
Doom of The Black River spell
Doom of The Cracked Shield spell
Doom of The Earthen Maw spell
Doom of The Endless Void spell
Doom of The Pit spell
Doom of The Slippery Rogue spell
Doomed spell
Doomridden Sorcerous Origin classoption
Doomsayer Arcane Tradition classoption
Douse Light spell
Downtime Activities page
Dream Canopy spell
Dream Glimpse spell
Dream Shear spell
Dreamstride spell
Drizzle spell
Dust and Ashes spell
Dust and Ashes spell
Dying of the Light spell
Earth Glide spell
Earthen Escape spell
Effervesce Sense spell
Electric Eels spell
Elemental Arc spell
Elemental Exchange spell
Elemental Infusion spell
Elementalist, Frost Mage npc
Elementalist, Pyromancer npc
Elf Shot spell
Emotional Gamut spell
Encroaching Shadows spell
Enshroud spell
Expel Heresy spell
Extract Essence spell
Faerie Toast spell
Feast of Flesh spell
Festering Fever spell
Fever’s Gift spell
Fey Mage Arcane Tradition classoption
Fey Tricks spell
Field of Lotuses spell
Field of Retribution spell
Fire Dance spell
Fist From Hell spell
Flame’s Chronicle Unleashed spell
Flame’s Kiss spell
Flames United spell
Flamestep spell
Flamewalk Portal spell
Flight of Ideas spell
Flittering Eyes spell
Florafetter spell
Flowering spell
Forceful Repurposing spell
Forgettable spell
Frailform spell
Freezing Weathervane magicitem
Frightful Shout spell
Fulminating Weathervane magicitem
Galvanize Metal spell
Gift of Ice spell
Gift of The Golden Tongue spell
Glimpse The End spell
Gloaming spell
Gnaw spell
Grasp of The Briar spell
Grave Sense spell
Greater Maze spell
Grim Harvest spell
Grim Shadows spell
Grim Siphon spell
Grimoire of Battle magicitem
Grimoire of Dreams magicitem
Grimoire of Elders magicitem
Grimoire of Flame magicitem
Grimoire of Flowers magicitem
Grimoire of Honor magicitem
Grimoire of Life And Death magicitem
Grimoire of Pestilence magicitem
Grimoire of Portals magicitem
Grimoire of Storms magicitem
Grimoire of Temporal Doom magicitem
Grimoire of the Celestial magicitem
Grimoire of the Infernal magicitem
Grimoire of The Unseen magicitem
Grit in the Eye spell
Guest of Honor spell
Halo of Blood And Tears spell
Hand of Doom spell
Harmful Exchange spell
Healing Glyph spell
Heartfire spell
Hearth Walk spell
Heaven’s Spear spell
Heavy Metal spell
Heavy Weathervane magicitem
Hellfire Blitz spell
Helper’s Hands spell
Hero of Fable spell
Hibernation spell
Hidden Agent spell
Hide In One’s Shadow spell
Hoarfrost spell
Horn of Heroes spell
Illusion of Health spell
Immolating Geist spell
Impaling Glory spell
Inconvenient Gathering spell
Infernal Rebound spell
Interminable Yarn spell
Investiture of Blight spell
Irritating Kazoo spell
Kindness of Angels spell
Knife of Fate spell
Labyrinth Domain classoption
Labyrinth Mastery spell
Last Strike spell
Last Strike spell
Leaden Wings spell
Legion spell
Lesser Charm spell
Lesser Maze spell
Ley Chain spell
Lightning Rod spell
Lost spell
Lost And Wandering spell
Low Blow spell
Lunar Transfer spell
Lunarbolt Waxing spell
Mage Apprentice npc
Maggot spell
Magic Styles page
Magma Spray spell
Magnetic Bolt spell
Magnify Weapon spell
Malaise spell
Marigold Bloom spell
Mark of Fate spell
Mass Contagious Healing spell
Mass Disarm spell
Mass Shuffle spell
Master Alchemist npc
Memento Mori spell
Merchant of Minutes spell
Mighty Vessel spell
Miniature Hurricane spell
Misstep spell
Molten Shard spell
Monsoon spell
Moon Trap spell
Moonlight Charm spell
Moonlight Sending spell
Moonsphere Meteor spell
Mudslide spell
Negative Image spell
Nexus spell
Nimble Dance spell
Nothing to See Here spell
Oath of Annihilation classoption
Oath of the Spellsworn classoption
Obfuscate Object spell
Obviating Shadow spell
Ocean Lord Patron classoption
Oculus Blossoms spell
Ominous Shadow spell
Ominous Winds spell
Oneiromancy spell
Palliative Censure spell
Panacea spell
Part Clouds spell
Pestilent Domain classoption
Phalanx of Light spell
Phantasm spell
Phantasmal Phalanx spell
Plague Doctor background
Plague Doctor’s Call spell
Plague Hysteria spell
Plague Marks spell
Plague Mask of Remedy magicitem
Plague Walk spell
Plaguebearer spell
Pocketful of Posies spell
Poisoned Portal spell
Poisonous Flesh spell
Polychromatic Bubble spell
Power Word Deplete spell
Power Word Fling spell
Power Word Plague spell
Power Word Rebound spell
Power Word Rend spell
Power Word Reveal spell
Power Word Vulnerability spell
Pratfall spell
Prayer of Resolve spell
Prince’s Pillar spell
Prison of Hungry Bones spell
Proselytize spell
Purge spell
Radiant Blast spell
Radiant Rosette spell
Radiant Shield spell
Raise Elder spell
Raise Ghost spell
Raise Hero spell
Raise Nemesis spell
Raise Questing Dead spell
Raise Shade spell
Rat Plague spell
Ritualist feat
Rot spell
Rupture spell
Saints Domain classoption
Scorching Serpents spell
Shadow Bloodline classoption
Shredding Aura spell
Soul Fire spell
Sprig Gnome race
Stormshot spell
Storyteller background
Swarm Warlock Patron classoption
Swift Blessing spell
Tail of the West Wind magicitem
Tears of The Dreamer magicitem
Thane’s Hauberk magicitem
Theurge npc
Tidy Charm spell
Toast The Goddess spell
Vanishing Exchange spell
Void Blessing spell
Vril Caster classoption
Witch class
Witch npc
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