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Content Source: Dwarrowdeep 5E

Dwarrowdeep 5E, Copyright 2022; Greg Gillespie.

63 Records Found

Name Type Source
Amber Bulk creature
Black Witches’ Butter creature
Blade of Goblinslaying magicitem
Blessed Stone spell
Brain Fungus creature
Brobdingnagian Fungi creature
Chrysmal creature
Circle of Stones spell
Courage of the Ancestors spell
Cyclopsman creature
Darg creature
Derro creature
Derro Savant creature
Devil’s Fingers creature
Duergar creature
Duergar Priest creature
Dwargoyle creature
Dwarven Runestones magicitem
Eyeglass of Appraising magicitem
Face of Protection spell
Flesh of Fire spell
Forbidden Fruit Fungus creature
Gauntlets of Smashing magicitem
Golden Gauntlets magicitem
Great Shout spell
Hammer of the Dwarvish Lords magicitem
Hammer Ward spell
Ice Spider creature
Kalas-Toa creature
Kalas-Toa Monitor creature
Kalas-Toa Whip creature
Mace of Shattering magicitem
Magesmasher Maul magicitem
Morlock creature
Nematoad creature
Orc, Black creature
Pack Lizard creature
Pech creature
Phycomid (Advanced) creature
Potion of Corruption magicitem
Rest of the Ancestors spell
Rings of Power magicitem
Rock Clam creature
Rock Manta creature
Rothe creature
Runehammer magicitem
Runes of Warding spell
Runestone Golem creature
Runestone Skeleton creature
Rust Bat creature
Sacred Hammer spell
Sentinel of the Ancestors creature
Sentinel of the Ancestors (Advanced) creature
Steeder creature
Stonebeard spell
Stonemouth spell
Toad (Huge) creature
Troll, Cave creature
Unicorn, Shaggy creature
Vengeance of the Ancestors spell
Wardstones magicitem
Winged Hammer magicitem
Xorn creature
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