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Name Type Publisher Source
+1 Quicksilver Pike of Phasing magicitem
Alchemaestro feat
Auto Butler creature
Auto Butler magicitem
Bejeweled Creature template
Cardsharp classoption
Circle of the Woad classoption ,
College of Cuisine classoption
College of Entropy classoption ,
Draught of the Divine magicitem
Dread Guard creature
Ebongarb magicitem
Eldritch Cabal classoption ,
Epic Gunfighter creature
Epic Otherworldly Patron: The Doom classoption
Essence Potion of Memory magicitem
Extraordinary Essence Potion of Identity magicitem
Face of the Forgotten magicitem
Fatestealer classoption ,
Gladiator classoption ,
Kitsune race
Mneminder creature
Mythic Dragon creature
Oath of Shackles classoption ,
Oath of the Warden classoption
Pact of the Imprisoned classoption ,
Path of the Bonebreaker classoption ,
Peacemaker magicitem
Perpetual Engine creature
Pocket Vault magicitem
Shadowdancer feat
Star Flare magicitem
The Containment magicitem
The Evermind creature
The Great Lighthouse magicitem
The Last Guardian creature
The Unfathomable creature
The Vault magicitem
Trophy Collector classoption ,
Tyranny Domain classoption ,
Way of the Thirsting Reaper classoption ,
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