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Content Source: Faerie Campaigns (5E)

Faerie Campaigns (5E) © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Matt Goodall, Jason Nelson, David N. Ross, Neil Spicer, Amber Stewart, Russ Taylor, Linda Zayas-Palmer

29 Records Found

Name Type Source
Awakened Giant Badger creature
Blue-Faced Warrior (Martial Archetype) classoption
Circle of Shapeless and Primal Terror classoption
Circle of the Forest Kingdom classoption
College of Fey Magic classoption
College of the Jester classoption
Dryad Sorcerous Origin classoption
Earth Elemental, Crystalline creature
Fey Hunter (Ranger Archetype) classoption
Feybound Knight (Ranger Archetype) classoption
Feyfriend Circle classoption
Ghost Fey creature
Hex Hunter (Ranger Archetype) classoption
Hidden Guardian (Ranger Archetype) classoption
Hunt Domain classoption
Knight-Surgeon (Martial Archetype) classoption
Mischief Domain classoption
Nereid Sorcerous Origin classoption
Norn Sorcerous Origin classoption
Nymph Sorcerous Origin classoption
Satyr Sorcerous Origin classoption
The Black Woods (Otherworldly Patron) classoption
Unseelie Brownie creature
Unseelie Dryad creature
Unseelie Faun creature
Unseelie Giant Toad creature
Unseelie Sprite creature
Wiitikowan Bear creature
Woodlands Cavalier (Martial Archetype) classoption
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