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129 Records Found

Name Type Publisher Source
Abbot creature
Acolyte of Orcus creature
Acolyte of Tsathogga creature
Aeon creature
Amurru creature
Animated Darkwood Desk creature
Ant, Giant creature
Ant, Giant (Queen) creature
Ant, Giant (Warrior) creature
Ant, Giant (Worker) creature
Ape, Giant Carnivorous creature
Apprentice Mage creature
Army Skeleton creature
Army Zombie creature
Ashfallen creature
Bandit Lord creature
Banshee creature
Basilisk, Crimson creature
Bebilith creature
Beetle, Giant Rhinoceros creature
Beetle, Giant Stag creature
Beetle, Goliath creature
Berserker creature
Bone Reaper Reflection creature
Bone Swarm (Frog God Games, Challenge 1) creature
Bone Warrior creature
Bonesucker creature ,
Crimson Death creature
Death creature
Denizen of Leng (Frog God Games) creature
Devil, Lilin creature
Eremite creature
Flumph (Leader) creature
Flumph Master Hunter creature
Flumph Protector creature
Flumph, Common (Challenge 1) creature
Gar, Giant creature
Gargoyle, Fungus creature
Gargoyle, Green Guardian (Frog God Games) creature
Ghost (Storm Giant) creature
Goblin Shaman (Frog God Games) creature
Goblin Slaver creature
Goblin Thug creature
Goblin Torturer creature
Goblin Underpriest of Orcus creature
Goblin Warrior creature
Golem, Brass creature ,
Golem, Necromantic creature
Golem, Orcus creature
Golem, Rope creature
Golem, Stone, Greater creature
Gremlin, Fuath creature
Guardian Cimota creature
Gug (Frog God Games) creature
Herald of Darkness (Frog God Games) creature
Inaed creature
Jelly, Crimson creature
Jelly, Mustard creature
Kerberus (Frog God Games) creature
Knight Gaunt creature
Kobold Chieftain (Frog God Games) creature
Leucrotta (Frog God Games) creature
Lynx creature
Mephit, Tar creature
Mimic, Undead creature
Moon Beast (Frog God Games) creature
Morlock (Frog God Games) creature
Mu Spore (Frog God Games) creature
Mummy Priest of Orcus creature
Mummy, Greater creature
Mummy, Guardian creature
Neothelid creature
Pixie creature
Priest of Orcus (Challenge 10) creature
Priest of Orcus (Challenge 6) creature
Pyrohydra, Twelve-headed creature
Rakshasa, Maharaja (Frog God Games) creature
Ravager, Flier creature
Sahuagin Acolyte creature
Sahuagin Four-Armed creature
Sahuagin High Priest creature
Sahuagin Lord creature
Sahuagin Shaman creature
Salamander Noble creature
Salamander Noble Priest creature
Shadow Rat (Frog God Games, Challenge 1/2) creature
Shantak (Frog God Games) creature
Shining Child creature ,
Siren (Frog God Games) creature
Stirge Swarm creature
Sword Wight creature
Tangtal (Challenge 4) creature
Tick, Giant creature
Titan Cyclops creature
Topiary Beast creature
Trapper (Frog God Games) creature
Treant, Stone creature
Troll, River (Frog God Games) creature
Troll, Rock creature
Tsathar Monk creature
Tsathar Priest creature
Tsathar Sorcerer creature
Tunnel Worm creature
Valkyrie (Frog God Games) creature
Vampire Lord (Frog God Games) creature
Vampire Warlord creature
Water Weird creature
Wight, Barrow creature
Witchlight (Frog God Games) creature
Witchlight, Elder creature
Worm That Walks (Frog God Games) creature
Yithian creature
Zombie Horde creature
Zombie, Ancient Black Dragon creature
Zombie, Brain-Eating creature
Zombie, Carcharodron creature
Zombie, Fire Beetle creature
Zombie, Giant Crayfish creature
Zombie, Giant Rat creature
Zombie, Gray Render creature
Zombie, Gug creature ,
Zombie, Juju creature ,
Zombie, Otyugh creature ,
Zombie, Pyre creature
Zombie, Rhinoceros Beetle creature
Zombie, Spellgorged creature
Zombie, Troll creature
Zombie, Warhorse creature
Zombie, Yellow Mold Encrusted Troll creature