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Content Source: Fifth Edition Feats

Fifth Edition Feats. © 2016 Total Party Kill Games, Brian Berg.

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Name Type Source
Acrobatic feat
Acrobatic Steps feat
Agile Maneuvers feat
Alertness feat
Alignment Channel feat
Animal Affinity feat
Arcane Shield feat
Arcane Strike feat
Athletic feat
Augmented Conjuring feat
Backstab feat
Beast Slayer feat
Beast Trainer feat
Blind-Fight feat
Blocking Expertise feat
Bodyguard feat
Bouncing Spell feat
Breaker feat
Brutal Pugilist feat
Burning Spell feat
Channel Smite feat
Combat Reflexes feat
Composite Bow Master feat
Concussive Spell feat
Crossbow Expertise feat
Darting Strike feat
Dazzling Display feat
Deadly Stroke feat
Deceitful feat
Defensive Expertise feat
Defensive Weapon Training feat
Deft Hands feat
Disarm Expertise feat
Disrupting Strike feat
Disruptive Spell feat
Dragon Slayer feat
Dreadful Carnage feat
Drunken Brute feat
Duelist feat
Dungeoneer feat
Eagle-Eyed feat
Elemental Focus feat
Elemental Fury feat
Elemental Spell feat
Empowered Spell feat
Endurance feat
Exotic Weapon Master feat
Extended Spell feat
Extra Channel feat
Extra Fighting Style feat
Extra Inspiration feat
Extra Lay On Hands feat
Favored Defense feat
Feint Expertise feat
Fight On feat
Fleet feat
Fortuitous feat
Giant Slayer feat
Grappling Expertise feat
Great Fortitude feat
Great Strength feat
Great Weapon Expertise feat
Heavy Armor Proficiency feat
Herbal Healer feat
Heroic Defiance feat
Improved Beast Companion feat
Improved Critical feat
Improved Initiative feat
Inspiring Leadership feat
Invulnerable Rager feat
Ironskin feat
Light Armor Proficiency feat
Linguistics Expert feat
Lookout feat
Lycanthrope Slayer feat
Magical Aptitude feat
Manyshot feat
Medium Armor Expertise feat
Medium Armor Proficiency feat
Mobility feat
Mounted Warrior feat
Overrun Expertise feat
Physician feat
Point Blank Shot feat
Power Attack feat
Rage Mage feat
Raging Vitality feat
Razortooth feat
Ritualist feat
Rousing Performance feat
Sharp Shot feat
Shield Expertise feat
Shield Mastery feat
Shield of Swings feat
Slam Expertise feat
Snap Shot feat
Spell Focus feat
Spirited Charge feat
Stealthy feat
Steel Soul feat
Steeled Mind feat
Strike Back feat
Strong Personality feat
Sunder Expertise feat
Taunt feat
Trip Expertise feat
Twinned Spell feat
Two-Weapon Fighting Mastery feat
Two-Weapon Rend feat
Widen Spell feat
Wise feat
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