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Name Type Publisher Source
Blood Gardener creature
Cold Snap spell
Crawling Glacier creature
Elemental, Snowstorm creature
Empathy of the Faceless One spell
Eschek race
Fell Deer creature
Fracture spell
Frost Maiden creature
Gabrolin creature
Gelidiceph creature
Ice Shards spell
Ice Walker creature
Ice Warden creature
Krampek race
Rime Witch creature
Rupture spell
Shimmer Snake creature
Skerrai Bonebreaker creature
Skerrai Mindsinger creature
Skerrai, Immature creature
Skerrai, Mature creature
Song of the Viren spell
Taslenh race
Titan’s Resonance spell
Treachery of the Earthmother spell
Tribal Chief creature
Wollahog creature