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Content Source: Galder’s Gazetteer

Galder’s Gazetteer Author(s) Matt Click, Gabe Hicks, Jess Ross

108 Records Found

Name Type Source
Aerial Warrior feat
Antique Appraiser feat
Arcane Arbitration spell ,
Arcane Assassin classoption
Armor of Warmth spell
Arts Domain classoption
Boundless Might feat
Brawler classoption
Call of the Wild spell
Candle spell
Celestial Shank spell
Chains of Hellfire spell
Chariot of Discreet Travel spell
Cheater of Death feat
Chronomancy classoption
Chronoshift spell
Circle of the Harvest classoption
Circle of Tides classoption
Clumsiness spell
College of Fame classoption
College of Spoons classoption
College of the Playwright classoption
Condemn spell
Counterstriker feat
Dagger Vault spell
Dark Arts classoption
Defender classoption
Defensive Magic classoption
Detect Emotion spell
Displaced Room spell
Dragon Bound classoption
Dragonfolk race
Dragoon Fighter classoption
Eidolon Patron classoption
Emergency Evacuation spell
Existential Resonance classoption
Fabulous Fizzbangers spell
Fell Knight classoption
Feral Vampire race
Fiery Barrage spell
Flaming Hammer spell
Folly and Wit spell
Force Hook spell
Friendly Summoning spell
Frog in Your Throat spell
Ghostly Blade spell
Ghostly Warden spell
Gloom spell
Gnostic Soul classoption
Half-Vampire race
Harmony Domain classoption
Haunted Soul classoption
Herbalist feat
Imperfect Portrait spell
Life Drain (2nd Level) spell
Long Jumper feat
Magic Marksman feat
Magic Mine spell
Meaningful Words spell
Miracle Paste spell
Oath of Obedience classoption
Oath of Remembrance classoption
Oath of Transcendence classoption
Oath of Triune classoption
Path of the Blood Sage classoption
Path of the Pit Fighter classoption
Path of the Stallion classoption
Path of the Titan Slayer classoption
Penumbra race
Plague of Toads spell
Psychic Bomb spell
Pyromancer classoption
Rebel class
Reflect Elements spell
Runewielder class
Scalding Brand spell
Second Mind spell
Shamblefolk race
Similar Structure spell
Spell Striking classoption
Spiritual Dice spell
Standard Bearer feat
Storm Celestial race
The Parasite classoption
Therianthrope class
Thrum race
Tigro race
Torrian Orc race
Touch Blast spell
Tremorsense spell
Vampire race
Variant Barbarian classoption
Variant Bard classoption
Variant Fighter classoption
Variant Monk classoption
Variant Ranger classoption
Variant Rogue classoption
Variant Sorcerer classoption
Variant Wizard classoption
Vengeful Strike spell
Virtuoso feat
Wall of Roses spell
Wandering Mage classoption
War Reaper feat
Way of the Crushing Snow classoption
Way of the Seeing Mind classoption
Wildlander classoption
Zone of Aegis spell
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