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Content Source: GoodHope - Crushing Despair

GoodHope - Crushing Despair (5E), © 2022, Orphaned Bookworm Productions, LLC, Author: Connor Bates.

36 Records Found

Name Type Source
Angel, Elpizo creature
Angel, Guiding Light creature
Art classoption
Aspect of the Hope Devourer spell
Beacon of Life spell
Bloodsucking Wyrm creature
Bone Spur creature
Calming Raiment magicitem
Cloak of Dark Despair magicitem
College of Emotion classoption
Comfort Food spell
Cowardice spell
Crush Morale spell
Crushing Despair spell
Despair classoption
Disheartening Darkness spell
Encouragement spell
Feulk creature ,
Good Hope spell
Hope classoption
Hopeeater magicitem
Hopeless Shadow spell
Iron Fist classoption
Lantern of Hope magicitem
Lurker in Darkness creature
Nostalgia spell
Oath of the Beacon classoption
Oath of the Chain classoption
Ring of the Performer magicitem
Scaj creature
Shadow of a Doubt creature
Shining Beacon spell
Spark of Hope spell
Staff of the Beacon magicitem
Staggering Melancholy spell
Touch of Despair spell
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