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Content Source: Knights of the Shadow Realm

Knights of the Shadow Realm, Copyright 2020, David Barrentine

35 Records Found

Name Type Source
Allip creature
Apocalypse Knight creature
Blisterroot Tree creature
Bloated Revenant creature
Briarling race
Brittle Viper creature
Cleric of the Sacred Flame creature
Devil’s Maw creature
Drake, Armored creature
Elephant, War creature
Examiphage race
Fire Elemental, Greater creature
Goat-Headed Fomorian creature
Golem, Spellbook creature
Grunchlak creature
Horned Warver creature
Korred, Cackling creature
Lurchin creature
Minotaur Skeleton, Flaming creature
Mist Cat creature
Nil’Valae race
Pixie race
Purple Worm Spawn creature
Ragecaster creature
Redfrost Yeti creature
Shade Assassin creature
Shade Paladin creature
Shadow Caster creature
Shadow Monk creature
Shadow Realm Essence creature
Shadow Wolf creature
Trapdoor Spider Queen, Arctic creature
Trapdoor Spider, Arctic creature
Water Elemental, Greater creature
Wretched Calamar creature
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