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Content Source: Legendary Loot Cards #4

Legendary Loot Cards #4 © 2022, Legendary Games; Lead Designer: Jason Nelson. Authors Matt Kimmel, Michael “solomani” Mifsud, Scott D. Young, Mark Hart, Thurston Hillman, and Jeff Ibach.

64 Records Found

Name Type Source
Accompanying Instrument magicitem
Alchemist’s Anytool magicitem
Amnesia Tick magicitem
Arc Blaster magicitem
Atmosphere Visor magicitem
Bolstering Battleaxe magicitem
Captive Blade magicitem
Chemosol 1: Artificial Hormone magicitem
Chemosol 2: Artificial Pheromones magicitem
Chemosol 3: Irritant magicitem
Chemosol 4: Stimsensitizer magicitem
Chemosol 5: Neurological Disruptor magicitem
Chemosol 6: Neurological Exciter magicitem
Circlet of the Imperial Dragon magicitem
Crown of Radiance, Major magicitem
Crown of Radiance, Minor magicitem
Cyclops Monocle magicitem
Deceptive Dagger magicitem
Dragonslayer’s Shield magicitem
Electroshock Glove magicitem
Element Pharaoh’s Crook magicitem
Energy Blade magicitem
Galvanic Neck-Bolts magicitem
Ghost Food magicitem
Ghost Shackles magicitem
Glabrezu Claw magicitem
Gloves of the Battlemage magicitem
Gnarlthorn Rod magicitem
Gorthek Mask magicitem
Grenades magicitem
Guardian Moppet magicitem
Hei matau Amulet magicitem
Inspector’s Bullhorn magicitem
Laughing Spirit Bow magicitem
Living Lightning Gun magicitem
Master Alchemist’s Anytool magicitem
Nullblade magicitem
Override Baton magicitem
Pirate Brand magicitem
Potion of Rainbow Hues magicitem
Rapture Chip magicitem
Rapture Ray magicitem
Ring of Erudite Alacrity magicitem
Ring of Foe Focus magicitem
Rod of the Monkey King magicitem
Roperunner’s Cord magicitem
Saddle of Shared Pain magicitem
Sanguinary Torque magicitem
Scepter of Heaven magicitem
Séance Candle magicitem
Shield of Determination magicitem
Skystrider Harness magicitem
Spinelash magicitem
Sunrise Icon magicitem
Sword String Violin magicitem
The Unbroken Blade magicitem
Thundergun magicitem
Tomb Tapper magicitem
Tombo Fan magicitem
Toxic Scabbard magicitem
Undercutting Axe magicitem
Wand of Burning Flames magicitem
Wand of Extinguishing magicitem
Wolf Hair Shirt magicitem
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