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Name Type Publisher Source
Akata creature
Akata Alpha creature
Amalgamite Swarm creature
Ancient Void Disciples creature
Antitech Field spell
Athach creature
Atoth creature
Bahgra Scout creature
Banshee, Unseelie creature
Bee Swarm creature
Beetle, Chag creature
Begedhi Mother Plant creature
Begedhi Parasite creature
Begedhi Seedling creature
Belker creature
Bhuta (Challenge 11) creature
Bil’djool Aquamancer creature
Bil’Djool Soldier creature
Bil’djooli Commander creature
Bil’Djooli Elite Soldier creature
Bil’djooli Hunter-killer creature
Bil’djooli Navarch creature
Blood Pudding creature
Bodak creature
Breathless One creature
Cacodaemon Thrall creature
Caulborn creature
Cephalophores creature
Ceroptor creature
Ceroptor Spy creature
Ceroptor Swarm creature
Cherufe (Legendary Games) creature
Clockwork Assassin Drone creature
Clockwork Spy creature
Conch Tree creature ,
Crypt Dragon, Adult creature
Crypt Flower creature
Daemon, Locusdaemon creature
Death Worm (Legendary Games) creature
Devil, Handmaiden creature
Devil, Hellstoker (Legendary Games) creature
Diamantem creature
Dire Werewolf, Moonbound (Challenge 5) creature
Dire Werewolf, Moonbound (Challenge 9) creature
Discharge spell
Divymm creature
Dragonne (Legendary Games) creature
Drake, Salt (Mutant) creature
Dream Spectre creature
Elali creature
Elite Klaven Constable creature
Erebus Minder creature
Feargaunt creature
Fish, Bladefish creature
Fish, Dinichthys creature
Flicker spell
Flying Polyp (Legendary Games, Challenge 14) creature
Fuagruun creature
Gallowdead creature
Gashadokuro (Challenge 11) creature
Ghast, Mold-Covered creature
Ghost, Eldest creature
Giant Hellgrammite creature
Giant, Ash creature
Gibbering Mouther (Legendary Games) creature
Golem, Conveyance creature
Golem, Steamwerks creature
Golem, Wood (Legendary Games) creature
Gorthek Rider creature
Gravebound creature
Graven Guardian, Greater creature
Griever creature
Groaning Spirit (Legendary Games) creature
Hag, Dreamthief creature
Harionago (Challenge 11) creature
Hetzuud creature
Hetzuud Agent creature
Hetzuud Killer creature
Hetzuud Slayer creature
Hetzuud Void Sorcerer creature
Hobgoblin Captain (Legendary Games) creature
Hungry Fog creature
Inevitable, Arbiter creature
Invertebrate, Deep Tiger Anemone creature
Invertebrate, Mindclaw creature
Invertebrate, Monstrous Seastar creature
Ironrot Lichen creature
Jagladine creature
Jagladine Biomorph creature
Jagladine Commander creature
Jagladine Genetic Surgeon creature
Jagladine Psi-surgeon creature
Jagladine Scientist creature
Karn-tor creature
Kaulvrex Drone creature
Kaulvrex Master Controller creature
Kaulvrex Master Soldier creature
Keeper Of The Yellow Sign creature
Klaven Commander creature
Klaven Elite Marine creature
Klaven Foot Soldier creature
Klaven Infiltrator creature
Klaven Mindhunter creature
Klaven Piranha Troop creature
Klaven Savage creature
Klaven Shocktrooper creature
Klaven Void Zombie creature
Klaven Warbeast creature
Kongamato (Legendary Games, Challenge 15) creature
Kraken Breed Klaven creature
Krang creature
Kyton, Feral creature
Lasiodon creature
Leech, Giant (Legendary Games, Challenge 2) creature
Living Nebula creature
Maenad creature
Magic Circle Against Technology spell
Make Whole spell
Mindwyrm creature
Morhg King creature
Mundane Paradigm spell
Mundane Resistance spell
Naga, Dark, Nightmare creature
Naga, Royal creature
Naga, Scalding (Poisoned) creature
Narav Lizard creature
Narav Lizard, Young creature
Ogre Boss creature
Ogre Brute creature
Ogre Glutton creature
Ogre Wereboar creature
Onaryx creature
Onaryx Commander creature
Onaryx Shockwarden creature
Onaryx Shockwarden Lieutenant creature
Onaryx Skylord creature
Onaryx Soldier creature
Onaryx, Dread creature
Onaryx, Dread Strike Wing creature
Onaryx, Elder creature
Ooze, Choke creature
Orc Champion creature
Orc Chieftain creature
Orc Scout creature
Orc Subchief creature
Orc War Drummer creature
Oulbaene creature
Pelkrev creature
Protection From Technology spell
Purity Obercommander creature
Purity Oberhauptmann creature
Purity Patrol Oberfahn creature
Purity Squad Obersolder creature
Queborrin creature
Rat Swarm, Hivemind creature
Rebuke Technology spell
Remove Radioactivity spell
Sahkil creature
Sand Glutton creature
Shard Slag creature
Shattered Folk Cannibal creature
Shoki creature
Shulsaga creature
Sinew Cadaver creature
Skeleton Champion creature
Skreevar creature
Sky Spore creature
Star Blight creature
Stone Eater creature
Supermassive Singularity creature
Syaandi Soldier creature
Tauslek creature
Tauslek Matriarch creature
Technomancy spell
Thawn Slasher creature
The Thing In The Basement creature
Thunderbird creature
Tophet (Legendary Games, Challenge 14) creature
Toxic Eradicator creature
Trapper (Legendary Games) creature
Ultar creature
Ultari Bureaucrat creature
Ultari Commander creature
Ultari General creature
Ultari Inquisitor creature
Ultari Techlord creature
Unholy Choir (Fleshgine) creature
Vampire Sorceress creature
Void Grim creature
Voordine creature
Waxwork Wyvern creature
Worm That Walks (Legendary Games) creature
Xoraphond creature
Yeth Hound Thrall creature
Yllosan creature
Zoetic Wall creature
Zombie, Fast creature