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Content Source: Legendary Shamans (5E)

Legendary Shamans (5E) © 2021, Legendary Games; Author Miguel Colon.

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Name Type Source
Avian Tiara magicitem
Awakened from Death spell
Awful Apparition spell
Banishing Blade spell
Bush Harness magicitem
Chameleon Skin spell
Dragon Fetish magicitem
Firespitter magicitem
Gargoyle Mask magicitem ,
Ghostly Glow spell
Kokowai magicitem
Legendary Shaman class
Mist Ladder spell
Mud Cream magicitem
Open Mind spell
Purifying Mist spell
Repel Elementals spell
Ring of Warmth magicitem ,
Scaly Barrier spell
See Shapechangers spell
Seize the Heart spell
Sharkskin Suit magicitem
Split Spirit spell
Substitutionary Idol spell
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