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Content Source: Legendary Villains: Dark Druids (5E)

Legendary Villains: Dark Druids (5E) © 2017, Legendary Games; Authors Clinton J. Boomer, Jason Nelson, and RJ Grady.

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Name Type Source
Algal Bloom spell
Bloodspear spell
Circle of Rot classoption
Circle of the Darkwolves classoption
Circle of The Umbral Wood classoption
Circle of the Unseelie classoption
Darkwolf Druid creature
Drought spell
Fey Crossroads spell
Fungus Queen creature ,
Haunting Mists spell
Lightning Field spell
Nightwing Dusk spell
Shade of The Umbral Wood creature
Tall Grass spell
Threefold Thunder spell
Unadulterated Loathing spell
Unseelie Ovate creature
Unwilling Bond spell
Warrior of Rot creature
Wyvern Watch spell
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