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Content Source: Magic Items of Ghelspad

Magic Items of Ghelspad. Copyright 2019 Onyx Path and Nocturnal Media. Authors: R.P. Davis

29 Records Found

Name Type Source
Amulet of the Conqueror magicitem
Axe of Victory magicitem
Brooch of Feathers magicitem
Chain Shirt of Chance magicitem
Cloak of Unbreakable Power magicitem
Defender’s Shield magicitem
Enspelled Armor magicitem
Final Dagger magicitem
Firewrack Armor magicitem
Firewrack Greatsword magicitem
Goggles of Safety magicitem
Helm of Insight magicitem
Icewrack Helm magicitem
Legionnaire’s Armor magicitem
Morningstar of Freezing magicitem
Ring of the Wrestler magicitem
Savage Spiked Chain magicitem
Seawrack Longsword magicitem
Silver Bell Necklace magicitem
Sling of the Mage-Killer magicitem
Spiny Shield magicitem
Stormwrack Armor magicitem
Stout Gauntlets magicitem
Sword of Wasps magicitem
Tentacled Fingers magicitem
Titanspawn’s Teeth magicitem
Tracker’s Leathers magicitem
Trickster’s Fan magicitem
Troll Tooth Necklace magicitem
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