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Content Source: Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels

Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels. Copyright 2022. Eventyr Games.

75 Records Found

Name Type Source
Animated Floating Disk creature
Animated Giant Broom creature
Animated Giant Cauldron creature
Animated Puzzle Door creature
Ark Rune magicitem
Astral Ray creature
Azureheart Runestone magicitem
Betrayer’s Blade magicitem
Blood Carrion template
Blood Carrion Giant Elk creature
Bloodrager’s Axe magicitem
Bloodrager’s Belt magicitem
Bloodrager’s Helmet magicitem
Chroniclum creature
Cursed Bear creature
Cursed Giant Boar creature
Cursed Giant Spider creature
Cursed Wolf creature
Darkshard Ooze creature
Darkshard Ooze, Forge Leader creature
Darkshard Ooze, Forge Worker creature
Demon’s Metamorphosis magicitem
Devil’s Luck magicitem
Emblazon Erratica magicitem
Empowering Crystal magicitem
Gravity Golem creature
Manual of Runewrought Constructs magicitem
Mask of Malediction magicitem
Mirage cat creature
Mythward Ring magicitem
Mythward Scepter magicitem
Necrorune Bulette creature
Oozeling creature
Peryff creature
Portal Wand magicitem
Potion of Raw Magic magicitem
Ring of the Ember Maiden magicitem
Runewalker’s Boots magicitem
Runeward Golem creature
Runewrought Bulette creature
Runewrought Dragon, Huge creature
Runewrought Dragon, Large creature
Runewrought Dragon, Medium creature
Runewrought Dragonfly creature
Runewrought Grenade magicitem
Runewrought Prosthetic Arm magicitem
Runewrought Prosthetic Eye magicitem
Runewrought Prosthetic Leg magicitem
Scoundrel’s Earring magicitem
Scoundrel’s Lute magicitem
Shade Lord creature
Shadowmire Shade creature
Sinhaleo creature
Snail Mail magicitem
Snallygast creature
Snallygast Amulet magicitem
Snuffler creature
Soulgrip Whip magicitem
Spellmarked Cultist Leader creature
Spellmarked Cultist, Omen creature
Spellmarked Cultist, Spellmantle creature
Spellshot Bow magicitem
Spellwarped Demon creature
Spellwarped Dragon, Adult creature
Spellwarped Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Spellwarped Dragon, Young creature
Spellwarped Ooze creature
Spellwarper’s Touch magicitem
Tingelaw magicitem
Umbra’s Claw magicitem
Umbra’s Mantle magicitem
Viper’s Blade magicitem
Warden Runestone magicitem
Warping Blade magicitem
Zemilin creature
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