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Content Source: Monsters of the Wilderness: A Collection of Monsters for 5th Edition

Monsters of the Wilderness: A Collection of Monsters for 5th Edition Copyright 2022 Cawood Publishing Author Andrew Cawood

75 Records Found

Name Type Source
Appalorus creature
Aquarian creature
Aquarian Queen creature
Arthrop creature
Baba Yaga creature
Baba Yaga’s Hut creature
Biclops creature
Black Stag creature
Bog Hopper creature
Cactus Cursus creature
Cerebrax creature
Clone Shroom creature
Coroctopus creature
Creeping Shadow creature
Crystal Spider creature
Deep One creature
Demon Crab creature
Demon Goat creature
Demon Turtle creature
Dimspriggan creature
Dragon, Ice creature
Dragon, Knucker creature
Dune Bug creature
Dunewinder creature
Eel, Coral creature
Faun of the Dead creature
Fire Dancer creature
Frog Prince creature
Ghost Whale creature
Giant Trapdoor Spider creature
Giant Undead Crocodile creature
Giant, Grim creature
Gloom Owl creature
Grabbit creature
Grim Roc creature
Grim Squirrel creature
Hill Hound creature
Ice Breaker creature
Jackolops creature
Kelpie creature
Lava Dog creature
Marsh Hulk creature
Merfolk King creature
Merfolk Knight creature
Merfolk Princess creature
Mothman creature
Murder Hornet creature
Naga, Desert creature
Norvan Shaman creature
Norvan Soldier creature
Phooka creature
Polar Bear, Armored creature
Salaman creature
Salaman King creature
Salaman Shaman creature
Sand Strider creature
Screech Leech creature
Sea Serpent creature
Selkie creature
Shark, Giant Sand creature
Sinkerfey creature
Snogre creature
Sun Horse creature
Swarm of Zombies creature
The Waugan creature
Trowfey creature
Undead Mammoth creature
Undead Pirate creature
Undead Pirate Captain creature
War Boar creature
Wave Rider creature
Weremeerkat creature
Wicked Tuna creature
Wraith, Rift creature
Zombie, Giant Shark creature
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