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Content Source: Necropolis

Necropolis, © 2021, Necromancer Games; Author Mark Greenberg, Bill Webb

95 Records Found

Name Type Source
Adder Sandals magicitem
Afu-Abtem creature
Aldinach (Demon Lord) creature
Amulet of Clairvoyance magicitem
Amulet of Natural Armor magicitem
Amulet of Weapon Deflection magicitem
Arnaut Bush creature
Aspect of Rahotep creature
Atmu-thoth-rahat creature
Baboonwere creature
Baboonwere creature
Bas-f-py (Subaltern) creature
Black Serpent creature
Blue Demon creature
Boar Demon creature
Borderer creature
Brown Fiend creature
Cavalry Soldier creature
Charnel Reek spell
Cloak of Serpents spell
Cloud of Hept-na spell
Collar of Immunity magicitem
Copper Skeleton creature
Death Domain classoption
Demon of Iubeni creature
Demoncroc creature
Detect Curse spell
Fa-t-tep creature
False Avatar of Amun creature
Feed Fiend spell
Gerhit creature
Gholl (Demon Lord) creature
Ghoul, Vampiric creature
Ghul creature
Ghulaz creature
Giant Crocodile of Sebk creature
Gloom Demon creature
Golem Idol of Rahotep creature
Golem, Clay (Lesser) creature
Greater Priest Ghost creature
Guardian Fiend creature
Hamephat creature
Hep-thait creature
Hept-f-hra creature
Hetet-f (Platoon Sergeant) creature
Hippodilemon creature
Hippopotamus creature
Hu-benti (Priest of Set) creature
Hush spell
Iron Mummy creature
Jackalwere creature
Jackalwere creature
Khonsu-khaibet creature
Leopard creature
Lionwere creature
Malefic Domain classoption
Maq-t creature
Merha-aptut (Priest of Hapy) creature
Mummy of Khemit creature
Mummy, Great Spider creature
Mummy, Lightning-Quick creature
Nefertem creature
Nehsi creature
Nektinefar creature
Nemekh (Cavalry Sergeant) creature
Ooze, Giant Red Amoeboid creature
Ophidile creature
Owlwere creature
Pansbek creature
Protection from Serpents spell
Rahotep’s Tomb Mummy creature
Ring of Stone Passage magicitem
River Domain classoption
Sahu of the Duat creature
Sak creature
Sand Devil creature
Sba-bennu creature
Scorpion-Snake creature
Sebk-Golem Statue creature
Seelie creature
Sefer creature
Sekem of the Duat creature
Serpent Hands spell
Serpent of the Duat creature
Serpent Plague spell
Sha creature
Shenau creature
Snake, King Cobra creature
Sticks to Snakes spell
Talisman of Recall magicitem
Tcharqu (Scribe) creature
Unseelie creature
Wall of Serpents spell
White Monster creature
Wolfwere creature
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