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Creature Codex. © 2018 Open Design LLC; Authors Wolfgang Baur, Dan Dillon, Richard Green, James Haeck, Chris Harris, Jeremy Hochhalter, James Introcaso, Chris Lockey, Shawn Merwin, and Jon Sawatsky.

215 Records Found

Name Type Source
Aatxe creature
Acid Ant creature
Agnibarra creature
Ahu-Nixta creature
Ahuizotl creature
Alabaster Tree creature
Alkonost creature
Alliumite creature
Alp creature
Ammut creature
Angel, Eye of the Gods creature
Animal Lord, Bat King creature
Animal Lord, Brother Ox creature
Animal Lord, Lord of Vultures creature
Animal Lord, Mouse King creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Birds creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Cats creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Serpents creature
Animal, Bat, Vampire (Giant) creature
Ankou Soul Herald creature
Ankou Soul Seeker creature
Anophiloi creature
Arborcyte creature
Arcamag creature
Arcanaphage creature
Astral Snapper creature
Avatar of Shoth creature
Azeban creature
Azi Dahaka creature
Baba Yaga creature
Bar Brawl creature
Bat, Giant Albino creature
Bearfolk Chieftain creature
Bearmit Crab creature
Bilwis creature
Blood Mage creature
Bookkeeper creature
Boot Grabber creature
Centaur Chieftain creature
Child of Yggdrasil creature
Chimera, Lesser creature ,
Clockwork Assassin creature
Crimson Mist creature
Demon Lord of Conquest creature
Demon Lord of Rats creature
Demon Lord, Father of Monsters creature
Demon Lord, The Demon Queen of Witches creature
Demon, Echo creature
Demon, Neophron creature
Demon, Plaresh creature
Derro, Speaker to the Darkness creature
Devil, Wind’s Harp creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Adult) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Ancient) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Wyrmling) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Young) creature
Drake, Bathhouse creature
Drake, Fey creature
Drake, Forest creature
Drake, Moon creature
Drake, Pact creature
Drake, Peluda creature
Drake, Skull creature
Elemental, Blood creature
Execrable Shrub creature
Exploding Toad creature
Eye of the Gods creature
Eye of the Gods creature
Far Wanderer creature
Fear Liath creature
Flame Eater Swarm creature
Flame-Scourged Scion creature
Flesh Reaver creature
Fleshpod Hornet creature
Flying Polyp creature
Foxin creature
Fragrite creature
Ghast of Leng creature
Ghost Boar, Elder creature
Ghost Dragon creature
Ghost Dwarf creature
Giant, Blood creature
Giant, Cacus creature
Giant, Cave creature
Giant, Haunted creature
Giant, Laestrigonian creature
Giant, Mountain creature
Giant, Void creature
Gloomflower creature
Goblin, Chaos-Spawn creature
Goblin, Dust (Chieftain) creature
Goblin, Shadow creature
Golem, Alchemical creature
Golem, Altar Flame creature
Golem, Armory creature
Golem, Bone creature
Golem, Bronze creature
Golem, Doom creature
Golem, Fractal creature
Golem, Hair creature
Golem, Keg creature
Golem, Lesser creature
Golem, Lotus creature
Golem, Manastorm creature
Golem, Mud creature
Golem, Paper creature
Golem, War Machine creature
Golem, Wood creature
Goliath Longlegs creature
Goreling creature
Grave Behemoth creature
Green Knight of The Woods creature
Grindylow creature
Gugalanna creature
Gulon creature
Gumienniki creature
Hallowed Reed creature
Horned Serpent creature
Hound of Tindalos (Open Design) creature
Hungry Ghost, Gaki creature
Hungry Ghost, Preta creature
Ichneumon creature
Ijiraq creature
Incinis creature
Inkling creature
Iron Sphere creature
Jaanavar Jal creature
Jiangshi creature
Jinmenju creature
Kappa creature
Kinnara creature
Kitsune creature
Korrigan creature
Lady in White creature
Lamassu creature
Lamia, Serpentine creature
Lamia, Serpentine Matriarch creature
Leonino creature
Lycanthrope, Werebat creature
Mandrake (Open Design) creature
Mandrake, Great creature
Mandriano, Ancient creature
Manticore King creature
Megapede creature
Minotaur, Lost creature
Moth, Giant creature
Mytholabe creature
Nachzehrer creature
Naga, Moonchild creature
Nalusa Falaya creature
Nian creature
Nightgaunt creature
Nymph, Moon creature
Ogre, Tusked Crimson creature ,
Oliphaunt creature
Ooze, Blood creature
Ooze, Giant Shark Bowl creature
Ophanim creature
Orc, Green Abyss creature
Ouroboros creature
Piasa creature
Pixiu creature
Purple Slime creature
Quickstep creature
Quiet Soul creature
Rageipede creature
Ramag Portal Master creature
Ratatosk Warlord creature
Ratfolk Mercenary creature
Ratfolk Warlock creature
Roachling Scout creature
Sammael creature
Scitalis creature
Sentinel in Darkness creature
Serpentfolk of Yig creature
Servant of Yig creature
Shadow River Lord creature
Shantak creature
Shard Swarm creature
Shoreline Scrapper creature
Simian, Kapi creature
Simian, Monkey King creature
Simian, Vanara creature
Sleipnir creature
Sloth, Giant creature
Snow Cat creature
Song Angel creature
Sunset Raptor creature
Swarm, Paper Golem creature
Troll, Desert creature
Trollkin Grunt creature
Trollkin Shaman creature
Undead Phoenix creature
Vampire Patrician creature
Vampire, Priestess creature
Vampire, Thrall creature
Vampiric Knight creature
Vines of Nemthyr creature
Warlock’s Trumpetbloom creature
Water Horse creature
Wind Eater creature
Wind Weasel creature
Worg, Fang of the Great Wolf creature
Wyvern Knight creature
Xenabsorber creature
Xiphus creature
Yaga Goo creature
Yakirian creature
Yann-An-Oed creature
Ziphius creature
Zombie, Blood creature
Zombie, Lord creature
Zombie, Mold creature
Zoog creature
Zoryas creature
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