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Content Source: Ptolus Monte Cooks City by the Spire (5e)

Ptolus Monte Cooks City by the Spire (5e) Copyright 2021 Monte Cook Games. Author Monte Cook. 5e Conversion Sean K. Reynolds, Bruce R. Cordell

90 Records Found

Name Type Source
Aid From The Future spell
Amalgam Armor of the Iron Mage magicitem
Amulet of the Arcanist magicitem
Anarchic Weapon magicitem
Animate Necrosis spell
Assess Creature spell
Axiomatic Weapon magicitem
Beastblade magicitem
Blazing Light spell
Box of Shadows magicitem
Brooch of Blessed Blades magicitem
Cannons of Heaven spell
Cask of Frozen Dreams magicitem
Caster’s Mace magicitem
Commune With The City spell
Conjure Blessed Child spell
Conjure Device spell
Conveyance spell
Create Firestone spell
Daggerwand magicitem
Deadly Carrier spell
Demon Gun magicitem
Demon-Sealed Box magicitem
Demonskull Talisman magicitem
Detect Chaositech spell
Dispelling Charm magicitem
Divinatory Expungement spell
Dragon Pistol, Magnetic magicitem
Dragon Pistol, Rapid-Fire magicitem
Dread Cloak magicitem
Dread Staff magicitem
Explosive Shot spell
Flayer Pistol magicitem
Forsaken Body Paint magicitem
Futuresight spell
Glass Arm magicitem
Globe of Accord magicitem
Golden Orrery magicitem
Great Plate Armor magicitem
Headband of Reflected Arrows magicitem
Heart of Life magicitem
Heartglow spell
HellGates magicitem
Holy Symbol, Radiant magicitem
Holy Weapon magicitem
Horn of Blood magicitem
Hungersword magicitem
Hungersword (Greater) magicitem
Identify Device spell
Illitor magicitem
Illuminated Weapon spell
Invisible Charm magicitem
Iron Mage’s Ring of Wizardry magicitem
Just Reversal spell
Knight of the Chord College classoption
Lance of Endless Night magicitem
Lenses of the Underdark magicitem
Lock and Load spell
Lord of the City spell
Mage of the Pyramid classoption
Malefic Mask magicitem
Mask of the Skull magicitem
Oath of Saints classoption
Peer Into The Future spell
Platinum Cestus magicitem
Repair Device spell
Ring, Bone magicitem
Runeplates magicitem
Sense Spell spell
Shadowstaff (Monte Cook Games) magicitem
Shield of Light spell
Signet of the Kindred magicitem
Silent Ammunition magicitem
Silent Firearm magicitem
Siphon spell
Skullring magicitem
Song of Death magicitem
Staves of Ghul magicitem
Stunning Bolt magicitem
Sunfire Tomb spell
Sunless Salve magicitem
Sword of Dragonkings magicitem
Swords of Lords magicitem
Thoughtstone magicitem
Thundersong magicitem
Unholy Weapon magicitem
Waking Key magicitem
Waves of Light spell
Wellspring of Soul’s Light spell
Will of the Gods spell
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