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Content Source: Read Magic: Vigor (5E)

Read Magic: Vigor (5E) © 2022, Orphaned Bookworm Productions; Authors: Connor Bates

32 Records Found

Name Type Source
Celestial Healing spell
Cloud of Needles spell
Cloud of Razors spell
Crushing Pressure spell
Electrical Charge spell
Embers spell
Fey Healing spell
Infernal Healing spell
Mass Celestial Healing spell
Mass Cloud of Needles spell
Mass Cloud of Razors spell
Mass Crushing Pressure spell
Mass Electrical Charge spell
Mass Embers spell
Mass Fey Healing spell
Mass Infernal Healing spell
Mass Necrosis spell
Mass Necrotic Word spell
Mass Resonance spell
Mass Rime spell
Mass Vigor spell
Mass Vigor of the Grave spell
Mass Vitriol spell
Mass Word of Vigor spell
Necrosis spell
Necrotic Word spell
Resonance spell
Rime spell
Vigor spell
Vigor of the Grave spell
Vitriol spell
Word of Vigor spell
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