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Name Type Publisher Source
Call of Cthulhu spell
Conjure Dream-Dwellers spell
Conjure Flying Polyp spell
Contact Deep Ones spell
Drake, Cave creature ,
Enlightenment of the Blind Idiot God spell
Leng Spider, Mature creature
Leng Spider, Old creature
Mad Passion feat
Mi-Go Dimension Walker creature
Mi-Go Scout creature
Mi-Go Warrior creature
Mist of R’lyeh spell
Mythos Survivor background
Orne’s Black spell
Powder of Ibn Ghazi spell
Remortification spell
Sarnath Sigil spell
Serpentfolk creature
Serpentfolk Alchemist creature
Shriek of the Byakhee spell
Slime Mold creature
Star Vampire creature
Windwalker creature
Yithian, Future creature
Yithian, Past creature
Yothan Commander creature
Yothan Designer creature
Yothan Warrior creature