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Content Source: Southlands

Southlands. © 2021 Open Design LLC. Authors: Richard Green with Wolfgang Baur, Basheer Ghouse, and Kelly Pawlik.

46 Records Found

Name Type Source
Ankh of Aten magicitem
Ankole creature
Apostle creature
Apron of the Eager Artisan magicitem
Ashes of the Fallen magicitem
Basti Cat Burglar creature
Catfolk, Basti creature
Crimson Carpet magicitem
Crocodile Armor magicitem
Eye of Horus magicitem
Eyes of the Portal Masters magicitem
Field Commander creature
First Servant creature
Fly Whisk of Authority magicitem
Ghul creature
Headrest of the Cattle Queens magicitem
Jambiya of the Ebon Night magicitem
Keffiyeh of Serendipitous Escape magicitem
Kijani creature
Kijani Seedling magicitem
Kissing Blade of Tik’mbesi magicitem
Kushite Sorcerer creature
Labrys of the Raging Bull magicitem
Litham of Breath magicitem
Living Jungle Druid creature
Lycanthrope, Werecrocodile creature
Mantle of the Lion magicitem
Mask of the Leaping Gazelle magicitem
Mbira of Strong Emotions magicitem
Merchant Captain creature
Minotaur, Ravening creature
Monkey’s Bane Vine creature ,
Morregi Divination Board magicitem
Pocket Oasis magicitem
Prayer Mat magicitem
Rod of the Infernal Realms magicitem
Saddle of the Cavalry Casters magicitem
Sandals of the Desert Wanderer magicitem
Shield of the Seven Heavens magicitem
Slippers of the Cat magicitem
Spice Box of Zest magicitem
Staff of the First Labyrinth magicitem
The Desiccated One creature
Vessel of Deadly Venoms magicitem
Warlock of the Genie Lord creature
Zebra, Riding creature
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