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Content Source: Stone Mother’s Assault

Stone Mother’s Assault - © 2020, Adrian Arduini; Author: Adrian Arduini

46 Records Found

Name Type Source
Amazon Archer creature
Amazon Champion creature
Amazon War Priestess creature
Amazon Warrior creature
Call Companion spell
Faelori Giant Sorceress creature
Faelori Giant Warrior creature
Fey Soul: Dryad feat
Fey Soul: Naiad feat
Fey Soul: Pixie feat
Fey Soul: Satyr feat
Fire Seed spell
Fledgling Sorcerer creature
Force Shield spell
Gigantism feat
Grimlock Brute creature
Grimlock Priest creature
Grimlock Warlock creature
Guardian Statue (Stone Dwarf) creature
Hobgoblin Legionnaire creature
Hobgoblin Thug creature
Horned Warrior feat
Improved Steelwood spell
Magha Battle Lord creature
Martial Artist classoption
Minotaur Brute creature
Naga-folk Blademaster creature
Naga-folk Sorcerer creature
Naga-folk Warlock creature
Naga-folk Warrior creature
New Fighter Fighting Styles classoption
Path of the Witch Hunter classoption
Phalanx Captain creature
Phalanx General creature
Phalanx Veteran creature
Phalanx Warrior classoption
Phalanx Warrior creature
Physician feat
Sahuagin Wereshark creature
Sand Spray spell
Soldier’s Endurance feat
Steelwood spell
Thunder Stomp spell
Two Weapon Master feat
Weapon Detonation spell
Zephyr Movement spell
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