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Content Source: The Book of Wondrous Magic

The Book of Wondrous Magic © 2021 M.T. Black. www.mtblackgames.com

100 Records Found

Name Type Source
Amulet of the Heroic Host magicitem
Apron of Protection magicitem
Armor of the West Wind magicitem
Arrow of Sudden Expedition magicitem
Baba Yaga’s Iron Kettle magicitem
Bag of Bounty magicitem
Banishing Arrow magicitem
Batsblood Elixir magicitem
Bloodthirsty Sword magicitem
Bolt of Bitterness magicitem
Bolt of Demolition magicitem
Boots of Escape magicitem
Boots of Freedom magicitem
Bottle of Sunlight magicitem
Box of Plenty magicitem
Bridle of Verbosity magicitem
Candle of the Iron Guardian magicitem
Cat’s Eye Marble magicitem
Cauldron of Melancholy Revival magicitem
Chalk of Articulation magicitem
Cloak of the Kite magicitem
Cloak of Weaponry magicitem
Codex of Nightmares magicitem
Crown of Wisdom magicitem
Dagger of Cunning magicitem
Dawnshield magicitem
Deathmark Spear magicitem
Deathward Armor magicitem
Dust of Reappearance magicitem
Elderwood Staff magicitem
Everburning Torch magicitem
Eyes of Keen Discernment magicitem
Finger Bone Brooch magicitem
Forgewrought Arm magicitem
Frostray Goggles magicitem
Glass of Sudden Respite magicitem
Hat of Useful Conjuration magicitem
Heating Stone magicitem
Helm of the Citadel magicitem
Helm of the Intercessor magicitem
Infernal Crown magicitem
Ironcloak magicitem
Jade Frog magicitem
Mantle of Many Shapes magicitem
Mantle of the Medusa magicitem
Mask of the Minotaur magicitem
Murderous Miniature magicitem
Nightwrought Armor magicitem
Post Parchment magicitem
Potion of Providence magicitem
Potion of Tinification magicitem
Quaking Mace magicitem
Quill of Accuracy magicitem
Quill of Commission magicitem
Razorvine Whip magicitem
Rimefire Gauntlets magicitem
Ring of Exemplary Annulment magicitem
Ring of Fiery Darts magicitem
Ring of Flawless Diplomacy magicitem
Ring of Magical Imputation magicitem
Ring of Perfect Discretion magicitem
Ring of Petty Affliction magicitem
Ring of the Ancient Forest magicitem
Ring of the Dark Night magicitem
Ring of the Zephyr magicitem
Ring of Universal Mastery magicitem
Robe of the Raven magicitem
Robe of Vivid Heraldry magicitem
Rod of Emphatic Triumph magicitem
Rod of Fiendish Aspect magicitem
Rod of Many Things magicitem
Rod of Remarkable Gifts magicitem
Rod of Spell Deflection magicitem
Shadowstaff (www.mtblackgames.com) magicitem
Shield of Vigilance magicitem
Slippers of Soaring magicitem
Spectacles of Annihilation magicitem
Spellbreaking Armor magicitem
Spellward Candy magicitem
Staff of Grinning Skulls magicitem
Staff of the Skymaster magicitem
Staff of the Summer Court magicitem
Stone Eye magicitem
Sword of Binding magicitem
Sword of Fearsome Fury magicitem
Sword of Relentless Ruin magicitem
Sword of Swift Maneuver magicitem
Sword of the Heroic Champion magicitem
Talisman of Fate magicitem
Talisman of Mercy magicitem
Thunderclap Dagger magicitem
Torc of Two Worlds magicitem
Trollblood Elixir magicitem
Unstoppable Axe magicitem
Versatile Hourglass magicitem
Wand of Many Rays magicitem
Wand of Rhapsody magicitem
Wand of Sleep magicitem
Wand of the Wyrm magicitem
Wand of Winter Storms magicitem
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