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Content Source: The Creatures Rulebook for the Fateforge Role-Playing Game

The Creatures Rulebook for the Fateforge Role-Playing Game Copyright © 2021 Studio Agate.

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Name Type Source
Aboleth, Adult creature
Aboleth, Ancient creature
Aboleth, Young creature
Abymal Giant Snake creature
Abymal Worg creature
Agate Dragon, Ancient creature
Agate Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Anemoberration, Common creature
Anemoberration, Greater creature
Animal, Blood Hawk creature
Animated Object, Animated Armor creature
Animated Object, Flying Sword creature
Animated Object, Rug of Smothering creature
Arachnomorph creature
Ashen Ankheg creature
Ashen Ankheg, Elite creature
Ashen Khegon creature
Ashen Lizard creature
Ashen Lizard, Giant creature
Ashen Ochre Jelly creature
Ashen Regikheg creature
Beating Growth, Worm creature
Behir, Adult creature
Behir, Young creature
Black Pudding creature ,
Bleeder creature
Carrion Vein creature
Ceiling Ooze creature
Chesspiece, Glass Knight creature
Chuul Tyrant creature
Chuul Warrior creature
Chuul Worker creature
Cockatrice creature
Darkmantle creature ,
Darkmantle, Trained creature
Desiccator, Common creature
Desiccator, Greater creature
Desiccator, Lesser creature
Devil, Guardian creature
Dipulve Assassin, Corporeal creature
Dipulve Assassin, Incorporeal creature
Dipulve Scout, Corporeal creature
Dipulve Scout, Incorporeal creature
Dragon, Sea, Young creature ,
Dragon, Silver (Adult) creature
Dragon, Silver (Ancient) creature
Dragon, Silver (Wyrmling) creature
Dragon, Silver (Young) creature
Drow Duelist creature
Drow Guard creature
Drow Negotiator creature
Drow Protector creature
Drow Warmaster creature
Duergar Commando creature
Duergar Escort creature
Duergar Heavy Trooper creature
Duergar Sciencrafter creature
Duergar Shadowmaster creature
Ettin Destroyer creature
Ettin Mystic creature
Ettin Plunderer creature
Ettin, Common creature
Faerjaklüin creature
Flying Cliones creature
Fungus, Shrieker creature
Gibbering Mouther, Colossal creature
Gibbering Mouther, Common creature
Gibbering Mouther, Massive creature
Gray Ooze creature
Grick, Common creature
Grick, Hunting creature
Grick, Minor creature
Gymnotid, Mist creature
Gymnotid, Undulating creature
Harro creature
Heliconia creature
Hobgoblin Battle Mage creature
Hobgoblin Heavy Trooper creature
Hobgoblin Warmaster Thug creature
Horoth creature
Hydra creature
Hydra, Growth-Bearing creature
Imago, Tiny creature
Imago, Wrestler creature
Inspired Dancer creature
Khbiz, Skull-bearer creature
Khbiz, Snatching creature
Kosmima creature
Kosmine, Secretive creature
Kosmine, Startled creature
Lemurkala, Common creature
Lemurkala, Purging creature
Lizard Champion creature
Lizard, Common creature
Lizard, Hunting creature
Lizard, Riding creature
Lizard, Spitting creature
Lynx, War creature
Mephit, Magma creature
Mephit, Tenebrous creature
Mimic page
Netherpossum creature
Netherpossum, Sacred creature
Ochre Jelly creature
Olm, Common creature
Olm, Sacred creature
Ooze, Gurgling creature
Pale Dragon creature
Pale Dragon, Adult creature
Pale Dragon, Ancient creature
Pale Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Pale Dragon, Young creature
Pseudodragon creature
Puppet Fanatic creature
Puppet Guard creature
Puppeteer creature
Purple Worm, Adult creature
Purple Worm, Hatchling creature
Purple Worm, Young creature
Ramarie, Common creature
Ramarie, Plentiful creature
Ramarie, Proliferating creature
Rootkin Brown Bear creature
Roper creature
Roper, Nomadic creature
Rust Monster creature
Rust Monster Matriarch creature
Schatz, Mature creature
Schatz, Young creature
Shrouded Simmaïen Mystic creature
Shrouded Simmaïen Tracker creature
Silvery Dancer creature
Skyggelig creature
Splendid Blade creature
Sveldive, Lovely creature
Sveldive, Solemn creature
Svetudilven creature
Svirfneblin Caravan Guide creature
Svirfneblin Nomad creature
Svirfneblin Underguide creature
Swarm of Deep Ticks creature
Swarm of Flying Cliones creature
Swarm of Heliconias creature
Swarm of Tiny Imagos creature
Swarm of Vermin of the Depths creature
Umbreïn creature
Umbreïn, Lesser creature
Underlynx, Wild creature
Vemacar, Adult creature
Vemacar, Ancient creature
Vemacar, Young creature
Vermin of the Depths creature
Violet Fungus creature
Xorn creature
Xorn, Elder creature
Xornid creature
Yawning Maw, Common creature
Yawning Maw, Molting creature
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