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Content Source: The Dragon’s Hoard #14

The Dragon’s Hoard #14 © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Jason Nelson, Miguel Colon, Robert J. Grady, Michael “solomani” Mifsud, Darrin Drader, Matt Kimmel, Scott D. Young, Mark Hart, and Jeff Ibach.

41 Records Found

Name Type Source
Alchemist’s Anytool magicitem
Antitech Field spell
Avenge Me! spell
Bolstering Battleaxe magicitem
Cage of Sacred Silver spell
Call the Avenger spell
Captive Blade magicitem
Charm Ward spell
Crown of Radiance, Minor magicitem
Discharge spell
Dying Words spell
Final Witness spell
Flicker spell
Glabrezu Claw magicitem
Gnarlthorn Rod magicitem
Hex Hunter classoption
Jinxed classoption
Magic Circle Against Technology spell
Mundane Paradigm spell
Mundane Resistance spell
Nanotech Infuser classoption
Open Mind spell
Paper Fan spell
Paper Vessel spell
Potion of Rainbow Hues magicitem
Protection from Technology spell
Rain of Sacred Lotus Petals spell
Rebuke Technology spell
Remove Radioactivity spell
Ring of Erudite Alacrity magicitem
Rod of the Monkey King magicitem
Roperunner’s Cord magicitem
Scepter of Heaven magicitem
Shield of Determination magicitem
Spirit of Abandon creature
Technomancy spell
Throne of Sacred Mistletoe spell
Transfixion Circle spell
Unfortunate Origami spell
Wand of Extinguishing magicitem
Way of Balance classoption
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